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Here are a few ideas for businesses who are looking to increase there cashflow. As you may know, affiliate marketing is a way for websites to send visitors to other websites. In return, the affiliate website may make a small commission based on any purchases of those visitors. Not every visitor results in a commission. The average conversion rate is quite low and depends on the quality of your website.

As an example, a furniture design company specialising children's mannequins is an affiliate website as it contains links to other websites. Your company could benefit from affiliate programs too.

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Affiliate Products

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Affiliate Disclosure

The company Bootkidz Ltd, owns this website and is affiliated with a number of other companies, here known as 'affiliated companies' - for which it earns commission for products sold on this website. When a person visiting this website, clicks on a link on this website and purchases a product on the affiliated companies' website Bootkidz sometimes earns a small commission or a payment for the click.

The inclusion of a link to a company does not necessarily imply a recommendation or endorsement of that product by Bootkidz, however we do attempt to make all reasonable efforts to ensure consumers are protected by not linking to "spam" or "phishing" websites.

We do our best to find comparative products and/or services to allow consumers freedom to choose between brands and aim to be unbiased in our linking policy.

For more information see our privacy statement, disclaimer, and terms and conditions.

Trade Doubler

Trade Doubler was founded in Sweden in 1999 and has a great track record for providing affiliates with a reliable source of alternate income. They have many large brands on their client list including Apple iTunes and Mothercare.

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Image Space Media

ISM (Image Space Media) Referral Banner Image Space Media's transparent In-Image ads pay you for your site's unique visual identity. And the best part? Our ads are user-initiated, unobtrusive and have higher CTR's than banner ads.

Affiliate Tracking companies

Bootkidz has joined "affiliate tracking companies" to help it manage the growing number of links on this website. The affiliate tracking companies act as suppliers to Bootkidz. Bootkidz earns commission from these affiliate tracking companies when another website owner joins the tracking company from a link to that tracking company. The tracking companies act as "middle-men" in the link between Bootkidz and the affiliated company and these companies may earn a commission on top of the commission earned by this website. It is beneficial to consumers that Bootkidz uses these tracking companies as this greatly simplifies the management of links on this website and helps Bootkidz recommend a wider range of products to the visitors of this website.

Linking to non-affiliated websites

Bootkidz links to non-affiliated companies websites to ensure fairness to consumers. If a website does not offer an affiliate program, but has a product that is relevant to consumers interested in a particular product, Bootkidz will not hesitate to link to that product to remain unbiased in its linking policy. What this means is that Bootkidz does not favour or reject websites based on whether it will earn a commission from that website. Bootkidz will do its best to remain unbiased in its linking policy.


Bootkidz receives "pay-per-click" payments from Google Inc for advertising of third party products displayed in banner and textual ads on this website. For more information on this, see our advertising page.


Bootkidz receives commission for products sold by Amazon Inc and linked to from this website.


Bootkidz receives "pay-per-click" and commission payments from Ebay for products linked to from this website.

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Other affiliates

Here is a list of affiliate companies and affiliate tracking companies. Bootkidz receives commissions from other companies linked to from this website, including:

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