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Amazon Gift Certificates

This page has links to Amazon Gift Certificates available to buy from the Amazon website.

See these links and the links on this page:


Gift Certificates for Special Days

Amazon have gift certificates for special days. You can add the name of the recipient and a message and also choose the pattern on the card. Choose an item from the list below that interests you:

Gardening Amazon Gift Certificate
Amazon Gift Certificate

Free 1 day delivery of gift card

Amazon now offer free 1 day delivery of gift certificates - see here for details. For emergency gift cards you can even get Amazon to email the gift certificates to your family member or friend. It really is easy!

Low-cost delivery

For the person buying the present there is usually a delivery charge. For purchases over a certain amount there is normally no charge - please see free delivery terms and conditions. Amazon offers super saver delivery which as of July 2012 offers low-cost delivery to all of the UK and some parts of Europe.

The World's most successful shopping website

Amazon is the most successful shopping website in the world, selling millions of products through Amazon warehouses and Amazon sellers. People trust Amazon and we would recommend this company as a portal for buying gifts for yourself or your family and friends.

About Amazon Gift Certificates

Amazon is the worlds largest Internet retailer started by Jeff Bezos in 1994. Amazon have millions of products to choose from. We think Amazon Gift Certificates are a fantastic way to give a present by allowing the person receiving the gift certificate to choose anything they want. This gift can be sent by email, post, or printed by you and given by hand.


"The Boot Kidz" website has been promoting Amazon products for many years now. We trust Amazon to deliver gifts and would recommend purchasing gifts through the Amazon.

Also see our gift vouchers web page for more ideas.

Other Gift Certificates Ideas (new and used, ebay)

Ebay Top Rated Trust Banner

£10 Paper Gift Card - FREE One-Day Delivery

£10 Paper Gift Card - FREE One-Day Delivery

£10 Paper Gift Card - FREE One-Day Delivery. Direct from Different cards available for Christmas, birthdays, kindle downloads, and thank yous.

Details >>>
Also available in the USA in US dollar values - see Gift Cards

Amazon Trade-In

Amazon have a new program launched in May 2011. You send your items to a third-party buyer, using free Amazon post, and Amazon sends you a gift certificate as payment. See their USA and UK websites for more detail.

Amazon Gift Vouchers (Worldwide)

To buy a gift certificate from Amazon, choose the Amazon website by country closest to the person you want to give the certificate to. Note that certain delivery restrictions apply, for example: you cannot buy electronics in the USA and have these delivered to the UK.

It is best to buy the gift certificate from the country the person is living in. So if your friend lives in the USA and you want to send them a gift choose USA. If you want to send a gift to your friend in Japan choose Japan.

Here are the links to the Amazon gift certificate webpages on Amazon in each country, choose here:

Choose the country where the person lives to whom you want to send the certificate to:

Amazon UK Gift Vouchers

Email, Post, or Print a gift voucher or gift certificate to someone in the UK.

Details >>>

What are Amazon Gift Certificates gift certificates and gift cards can be used to buy almost any item sold on and on


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