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This page has outline templates of boots for children to colour-in.

Boot Bling
Stickers for Wellies 3 Star

Colouring-in Activities

Boot Outlines Boot Outlines
Umbrella Outlines Umbrella Outlines
Lucy Outline Lucy Outline
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Fun educational activities for kids

Colouring-in is a fun and educational activity for children. Colouring-in between the lines is a skill learned which improves motor-skills and precision hand, eye and arm movements.

Using different colours teaches colour co-ordination - for example, that purple and yellow are complimentary colours. See this page for a complimentary colour wheel.

Colouring-in Skills

  • Improved Hand and eye co-ordination
  • Colour appreciation
  • Creativity and invention
  • Story telling

How to use these outlines

First click on the images below to take you to the corresponding page. On that page you will find the printable image.

Print these outlines and let the little one colour in the outlines. When colouring-in use bright crayon or marker colours.

Another option is to download the outline and use MS-Paint or another free painting software. See this webpage on our website called 'design your own wellington boot' page which shows you how to use Paint.Net - a free painting software package.

Hang the printed page on your fridge or on the little one's bedroom wall to recognise their painting achievement.

Full List of Boot Outlines to be found on the Bootkidz website

Here is a complete list of the free boot outlines to be found on our website.

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Hunter Rainboots Outline template for colouring-in Kids rainboot outline
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Flower wellies for colouring-in Wellies with star outline
High Resolution:
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Ugg boots for colouring-in Barbour rubber boot outline
Hush Puppies boots outline for colouring-in Fire engine boot outline
Princess wellies outline/stencil/template Fish boot outline
Bulldozer boot outline/stencil/template Horse boot outline
Welly pegs outline Jelly beans on boot outline
Spider web boot outline Hearts on boots outline
Horse with stars boot outline Hatley rainboots outline for colouring-in
Wellington Boot Holder outline Skull wellington boot outline colouring-in

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