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Business support links for small businesses

Business support means getting help from other businesses or government agencies to help your business grow. This help is typically business advice, technical support, or financial support.

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Business Support

Usually business support is a paid for service, however there is an increasing amount of free business support services for small and medium size businesses.

One example of this is free software over the web; for example Gmail from Google and software from other Web 2.0 companies.

Other examples of low-cost on-line business services include:

Business Support Organisations

These are useful links to business support organisations. These organisations and companies offer legal and financial support to SMEs (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises). They support the growth of businesses and help raise awareness, share best practice and information. If you're wondering how do I make my business grow or how do I expand my business then this is the place to start.

Business support organisations and companies list

Federation of Small Businesses Federation of Small Businesses
Business Link Business Link
Good Net Guide Good Net Guide
Touch Touch
Business Videos Youtube Business Link (UK)

Making Web 2.0 Work - Business Link


Free Business Software

Business Software (new and used, ebay)

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