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The New Contented Little Baby Book: The Secret to Calm and Confident Parenting [Paperback]
National Geographic Kids Subscription Gift Pack
National Geographic Kids Subscription Gift Pack

Where to find magazines for parents and children?

There are many children's and parenting magazines to choose from. Here is a popular and free UK magazine for parents with young children called ABC offering practical parenting advice. Here is another magazine called Candis which is an online parenting club and offers and free magazine.

Each magazine on this webpage covers different topics of interest for children, teens, and parents. We've selected a few quality magazines from Internet retailers and these are shown below. The Magazine Group (Family and Parenting magazines) offers discounted subscriptions to the UK's biggest magazines. People can buy their favourite magazines and save up to 80% on the full yearly shop price.

The Magazine Group

Subscription Magazines for Parents

Junior Pregnancy & Baby
Junior Pregnancy & Baby Magazine
Mother & Baby Magazine
Mother & Baby Magazine
Just Kidding Junior
Just Kidding Junior Magazine
Small World Magazine
Small World Bi-Monthly Magazine

Practical Parenting Magazine

Practical Parenting Magazine

With hundredís of tips in each issue, Practical Parenting is the answer for busy mums and mums-to-be. It guides you from early pregnancy to the world of babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.

Details >>>

Nursery World Magazine

Nursery World

Nursery World is the leading weekly magazine for everyone in the early years community, covering news and developments from the early years sector including the latest changes in government policy and legislation.


As a subscriber to Nursery World you will receive the following benefits:
  • Receive all the latest news, views and good practice advice, educational activity ideas and key insights into childcare options
  • Professional advice from early years advisers
  • Additional supplements in the magazine, including - Training Today, Nursery Chains and Nursery Management
  • Delivered to your door
  • Deliverable to: UK, Europe, World

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First News Magazine

First News magazine for children

First News is the award-winning weekly newspaper for children (aged 7-14). In 24 pages every week the newspaper features a blend of stories about world and home affairs, the environment, sports, entertainment and puzzles all selected to engage young minds.

Fun design brings the stories to life, and competitions and a sprinkling of celebrities hold the readerís attention from cover to cover.


As a subscriber to First News magazine you will receive the following benefits:
  • Approximately 24 pages per issue
  • 52 issues per year
  • 15% on the shop price
  • Delivered to your door
  • Deliverable to: UK, Europe, World

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First Eleven Magazine

First Eleven

First Eleven magazine:

  • for children
  • for parents
  • for schools
  • for life

First Eleven is a glossy new lifestyle magazine created by parents for parents to bridge the existing generation and information gap. First Eleven magazine provides vital news, views and features about all aspects of contemporary education and parenting.


As a subscriber to First Eleven magazine you will receive the following benefits:
  • Chance to Win an Epiphone Les Paul Custom Plus Vintage Sunburst electric guitar.
  • 3 issues per year
  • No discount applies on 6 issue subscription, 22% discount on 12 issue subscription
  • Delivered to your door

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Children & Young People Now Magazine

Children & Young People Now for professionals working with children

The only dedicated weekly magazine for professionals working with children, young people and families. Children & Young People Now, the essential read for the sector brings the leading stories, practical advice and in-depth features, across childcare, early years, education, health, social care, youth justice, and youth work.


As a subscriber to Children & Young People Now weekly magazine you will receive the following benefits:
  • Approximately 56 pages in each issue
  • 47 issues per year
  • 20% on the shop price
  • Further discounts are available
  • Delivered to your door
  • Deliverable to: UK, Europe, World

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Good Housekeeping Magazine

Good Housekeeping Magazine Subscription for parents

Good Housekeeping is the number one magazine for grown-up women, covering food, home and family, fashion, relationships, health and beauty.


As a subscriber to Good Housekeeping magazine:
  • 12 issues
  • Save 22% on the shop price
  • Receive a Good Housekeeping apron
  • Join the Good Housekeeping subscriber club
  • Receive exclusive treats and discounts
  • Delivered to your door

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Kids Magazines (USA)

National geographic world

National Geographic for Kids

National geographic world, a colorful monthly magazine created especially for curious kids. Novelty and hands-on learning make a winning combination that has captivated World's nearly one million readers for more than 20 years. World's features encourage its readers to protect the planet's resources and to learn more about geography, adventure, wildlife, science, and youngsters of special distinction from around the world.
Sports Illustrated Kids 1-year Magazine subscription

Sports Illustrated Kids

Sports Illustrated Kids! Covers sports the way kids like it. Interviews with sports heroes. Hilarious comics. Awesome action photos and much, much more. Subscribe today.

House and garden magazine

House and garden

Enjoy the very best of classic English style in the world's most beautiful interiors magazine. Every issue brings you an evocative, inspiring mix of stunning houses, glorious gardens, gorgeous decorating and the newest classic and contemporary products for your home.


As a subscriber to House and garden magazine:

  • 6 or 12 issues
  • 30% on the shop price
  • Further discounts if you use direct debit
  • Delivered to your door

Subscribe to House and garden magazine >>>

Parenting Magazines (USA)

American Girl - 6 issues / 12 months

American Girl - 6 issues / 12 months

Created especially for girls age 8 and up, American Girl is an appealing, age-appropriate alternative to teen magazines. Features advice, crafts, contests, puzzles, games, giggles, and more! Can be shipped only within the U.S. rating
Girls' Life Magazine

Girls' Life Magazine

The perfect magazine for girls 10 and up. Friends, advice, quizzes, fashion, ideas, celebs, self-esteem. Five-time Parents Choice Award winner!
Seventeen magazine

Seventeen magazine subscription

The perky authority on all things girl since 1944, Seventeen magazine still provides advice and encouragement to masses of young misses.

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