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Coat Stand

coat stand with umbrella and coat

A coat stand is a tall, vertical, item of furniture - approximately the same height as the person who uses it. The purpose of a coat stand is to hang coats, rain jackets, sports jackets, and formal wear - such as business jackets.

There are children's coat stands and grown-up coat stands; coat stands made from wood, plastic, and metal. The primary function of a coat stand is to hang coats, however they serve a decorative and aesthetic function as well. Different styles of coat stands are suited to different environments. For example, in a busy office, where time and space are limited a more functional coat stand may be required - whereas, in a home a coat stand needs to have a more homely style.

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Images of designer coat stands

Clothes Stand

bedroom clothes stand

A clothes stand is a less formal style of coat stand. Clothes stands are used to hang items of clothing like sweaters, jerseys, baseball caps, t-shirts on hangers. Typically clothes stands are found in bedrooms, whereas coat stands are found in hallways and offices. Like coat stands, clothes stands are used together with hangers to keep clothes neat.

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Clothes rack, clothes rail, garment rail

clothes rack with clothes for shop

A clothes rack or garment rail is a horizontal set of rods held up by a set of vertical elements. Clothes racks have a different function to coat stands. Professional clothes racks are usually have a single horizontal rod and are used with clothes hangers to display new clothing to customers. The single rod on the a professional clothes rack is called a clothes rail. Professional clothes racks come with castors (wheels).

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Clothes pole

Firefighter clothes pole with fireman's helmet

A clothes pole is type of coat stand design. This particular style of coat stand is simple and space saving. A wooden, plastic, or metal pole is placed into a round base. Pegs are placed near the top of the pole. Clothes can be hung off the clothes pole. Typically - clothes poles are for children or found in bedrooms.

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Images of children's clothes poles

Hat Stand, Wig stand

mannequin hat and wig stand

A hat stand is designed to hold hats or wigs. There are wall-mounted hat stands and hat stands combined with coat stands, or hat stands combined with valet stands.

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Hall Rack

victorian style coat stand

A hall rack is a coat stand placed in the front entrance hall of an office or home. Usually the style used is bent wood victorian. This style was popular in the 1840's in England due to the growth in wealth and attention to style of the middle classes in England. Hall racks usually have umbrella holders and hat pegs built into the stand.

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Coat hook

chrome coat hook for door

A coat hook is usually found on the back of a door, or at the entrance to a house. Children's coat hooks make it fun for children to hang up their clothing in their rooms. Coat hooks allow a single coat to be place on the hook. Sometimes a hat or scarf is placed on top of the coat or on a secondary larger hook found above the first. Coat hooks are typically made in metal and have fancy victorian styling.

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Clothes hook

2 white plastic clothes hooks

A clothes hook is usually found in change rooms (gymnasium dressing rooms). The purpose of a clothes hook is to allow all sorts of clothing items to be temporarily hung up to prevent them from touching the floor. Clothes hooks are related to towel hooks in function. These are usually low cost and made in plastic with adhesive backing to attach them to tiles and metal (such as the inside of lockers).

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Clothes Line

clothes washing line
Clothes line

Clothes lines are usually found outdoors, in a garden or between buildings. They are used to hang clothes for drying. Clothes lines can sometimes rotate to allow the person to easily put clothes on all the sides of the line. Clothes lines require favourable weather conditions. Also known as: clothes washing line, clothes drying line.

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Clothes Peg

blue and white clothes peg

Clothes pegs are small contraptions with hinges used to attach clothes to a clothes line or clothes rack for drying. It's purpose is to prevent clothes blowing away or falling to the ground. They are made mostly in wood or plastic and can be purchased in any supermarket or hardware store.

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Clothes Horse (Clotheshorse, winterdyke )

Minky Trio Concertina Tubular Clothes Airer, Silver
Clothes horse

A clothes horse is for drying clothes after the clothes have been washed. Made in metal or wood, they are often folded to save space. Found mostly in flats/apartments where space is limited.

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Coat Tree, Clothes Tree

coat tree

A coat tree is a type of coat stand which resembles a tree. Some coat trees are more realistic than others. Usually coat trees have designer prices, due them being mainly for decorative purposes. Smaller designs are used as jewellery stands.

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Valet Stand, Clothes Valet

wooden clothes valet for men
Clothes Valet

A gentleman's valet stand or clothes valet is usually half the height of a person. It is specifically designed for men's formal jackets and pants. The top part the stand has an in built coat hanger to allow a jacket to keep the shoulder shape. Designer valet stands sometimes have umbrella and hat holders.

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Coat shelf/Peg shelf/Bookshelf with pegs

wooden shelf with coat on hook and gloves on shelf

Peg coat shelves or bookshelf with pegs are ordinary shelves with pegs for clothing. A coat shelf is a shelf with coat pegs. The pegs are usually located under the shelf. Coat shelves are found in foyers or waiting rooms. Books are placed on the shelf and allow the person to choose a book after hanging up their coat.

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Images of designer clothes hangers

Clothes Hanger, Coat Hanger

6 wooden hangers with metal hooks

A clothes hanger or a coat hanger is a folded metal clothing accessory used to hang clothes in a cupboard or on a coat stand. More expensive coat hangers are made in wood. Cedar wood coat hangers rating are used to prevent moths from eating clothes, releasing a natural scent that repel moths. The main purpose of a clothes hanger is to prevent wrinkles in clothes. There are different sizes of clothes hangers which cater for the shoulder sizes of people. Larger and rounder clothes hangers are used for jackets. Smaller wireframe clothes hangers are used for t-shirts.

See also: dress hanger, coat hanger, trouser hanger

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Images of designer clothes hangers

Cloak stand

A cloak is a loose outer garment, similar to a cape, that sometimes has a hood. The word cloak has fallen out of fashion. A Cloak stand is typically called a coat stand these days.

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