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Design your own shop

We have some thoughts on what you need to think about when you design your own shop. A keyword in your search should be 'visual merchandising' as this is one of the foundation concepts in shop layout and design.

Microsoft Visio Standard 2010 (PC)

Visio is a well known software package for designing layouts and diagrams.

Microsoft Visio Standard 2010 (PC)

Microsoft Visio Standard 2010 (PC) for Windows Vista / Windows 7 / and Windows XP.

  • Visio 2010 Standard simplifies complexity with a diverse set of intuitive, professional diagramming tools
  • Bring your diagrams to life with dynamic, data-driven visuals
  • Share dynamic, data-linked diagrams with others through their browser
  • Easier diagram creation with modern templates, and automatic alignment and spacing
  • Intuitive navigation with an updated user interface and Shapes window

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Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising is concerned with the placement of products and signs around a shop to help shoppers find what they're looking for and also promote new products to shoppers at the same time.

A key concept is the careful placement of shopping cues (such as shapes and colours), to assist in the ultimate goal of increased sales. Shapes can includes signs and objects to attract the attention of the passer-by (in-store and out-store). Colours are useful for attracting attention - bright colours, for example: yellow, red - or arrangements of colour - for example, use of flowers, decorations, curtains, and so on all should be carefully thought about when designing your shop. One important thing to remember is that you should aim to keep costs low.

Top-down view of shop

SmartDraw is useful software for helping you design the layout of your shop. Here is an example created by us in under 2 minutes, showing a top down view of our imaginary shop. A fully functional version, that expires after seven days, is available from SmartDraw's home page. The landscape design has many icons and shapes for retail-shop furniture. This software also includes shapes for supermarkets and office furniture.

Shop layout
Figure 1: Shop Layout

Shop design books

Café! Best of Coffee Shop Design
Café! Best of Coffee Shop Design
Creative Shop Windows
Creative Shop Windows
Shop Display
Shop Display
Very Small Shops
Very Small Shops


A planogram is a diagram of fixtures and products that illustrates how and where retail products should be displayed. It is the ideal diagram for visual merchandising and planning your shop layout and design. It is useful if you own a franchise or have many stores where you want a consistent shop layout. For example, you want customers to have the same experience walking into any of your shops. We made an example plan-o-gram in a few minutes using SmartDraw.

Figure 2: Planogram

Visual Merchandising

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Online shop design software

Shop Factory Developer
Shop Factory Developer
Shop In A Book
Shop In A Book
WebSite X5 Evolution 8
WebSite X5 Evolution 8 5 stars
Mr Site Professional (PC/Mac)
Mr Site Professional (Windows Vista / 7 / 2000 / XP, Linux, Mac OS X) rating

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