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Important Features of a Coat Stand

Crown or Finial

The crown or finial is the top part of the coat stand. The crown must not unbalance the coat stand. Victorian style coat stands have large bent wood crowns. The bigger the crown the further the spacing is between the coats. If the crown is too small then coats touch each other.


The shaft is the long pole that connects the base and the crown. The shaft can be thin, twisted, or made of thicker tubular steel materials.


The pegs are what people use to hang their coats and jackets on the coat stand. The more pegs there are the better in a busy office. Number of staff = number of pegs. Examples of coat stand calculations: 20 staff = 3 x 8 peg coat stand or 4 x 6 peg coat stand. Number of pegs and distance between pegs determine whether there is enough room for clothes hangers to be hung off the pegs.


The material chosen by the manufacturer to make the coat stand is one of the most important aspects of the coat stands. Often manufacturers choose cheaper materials to make more profit from the coat stand. Always choose a coat stand made of high quality material. Not only will it last longer, its resale value will be higher and it will look better too.

Base and Stability

The base is important for stability. The heavier the items that are to be hung on the coat stand the wider the base will need to be to prevent it toppling over.


The legs of a coat stand connect the shaft to the base. They add additional aesthetic appeal and improve the stability of the coat stand.

How easy is it to assemble?

Since you will only need to assemble a coat stand once. How easy it is to assemble is not that important. If you intend to assemble more than 2 or 3 coat stands at one time then choose a coat stand that is either pre-assembled by the manufacturer or by an easy to assemble coat stand with few parts.

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