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This page has information relating to Gumboot festivals celebrated in honour of the humble gumboot.

Gumboots are also known as Wellington Boots in the UK or Rain-boots in the USA.

Gumboot Day in New Zealand

In New Zealand Gumboot day is a big celebration since they are the "Gumboot Capital of the World!".

See this facebook page on Gumboot Day celebrated in New Zealand in 2012. When is Gumboot Day celebrated in New Zealand? The first Tuesday after Easter.


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Gumboot Celebrations Around the World

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Small Welly Celebration
Wellington Boot Festival
Gumboot Day
Gumboot Dancing Grahams Town
Grahams Town

UK Wellington Boot Day (Vote!!!)

If you didn't know, there's a Welly Week celebrated in the UK - see this page for more details.

We think the UK needs its own Wellington Boot day celebration.

Vote for your day below by selecting the date from the drop-down fields.

Vote for which day you think "Wellington Boot Day" needs to be celebrated on in the UK?

Golden Gumboot Festival (May)

The Golden Gumboot Festival is held every May in Tully, Queensland, Australia home of the worlds largest Gumboot. The Golden Gumboot Festival was first held in 2004.

See the Tully Gumboot Festival website for more information here.

Golden Gumboot Festival (October)

The Golden Gumboot Festival is a new festival held in October at the Kiwi Valley Complex in Waitakere Auckland.

Gumboot Day (First Tuesday after Easter)

Gumboot Day is a native celebration of Taihape, New Zealand. It occurs on the first Tuesday after Easter. Gumboot Day was first celebrated in 1985.

See more at the Taihape Gumboot Day website.

Gumboot Day Australia (June)

Gumboot Day is a charity day held in Australia every year in June. This year 2013, Gumboot day is on June 8th, which is a Saturday - so get your gumboots ready!

See more here (

Gumboot Dancing at The Grahamstown Festival

The Grahamstown Festival is held over 10 days at the end of June.

See more here.

Gumboot Dance Video


Welly Week

Welly Week is held in the UK at the end of April. See this webpage on our website for more information.

See more here.


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