Hiram Hutchinson (1808 - 1869)

Entrepreneur for the Industrial Production of Rubber Boots

Hiram Hutchinson, (born 1808 - died 1869), was a pioneering industrialist and passionate advocate of the application of rubber for industrial use.

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Hutchinson Rubber

In 1853, Hutchinson purchased the patent from Charles Goodyear for the vulcanisation of rubber. He purchased land and buildings near Châlette-sur-Loing, France which he used to produce rubber boots for the Dutch; who at the time depended on wooden clogs for working in muddy fields of Holland.

Founding of the Company L'Aigle

His company in France was called l'Aigle (The Eagle) - which to this day produces the highest quality rubber boots/Wellington boots.

Hiram Hutchinson founded the European Society of Soft Rubber which later became the company "Hutchinson Worldwide".

Hutchinson Worldwide

Hutchinson Worldwide is a now major global corporation specialising in aerospace, automotive, and telecommunications. Hutchinson Worldwide produces products made in rubber - producing 21st century rubber products for government and consumer markets. The petroleum company Total is currently majority share holder of Hutchinson Worldwide.

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