Ideas for Displaying Mannequins

A few ideas for selling, hiring, and displaying mannequins

Hi and welcome to Bootkidz. This page has a list of ideas that we have thought up for displaying mannequins.

See this link do some inspiration - Most Interesting Photos tagged with mannequin on flickr.

Loywe - Mannequin / Dummy / bust /- Female, White- LW6036 White
Loywe - Mannequin

Top Tips

  • Keep things modern and funky
  • Mix it up
  • Good examples: Harvey Nichols/Selfridges/Liberty window displays
  • Your main window is your feature presentation
  • Use mannequins in your store
  • Mannequins help customers see what clothes look like when worn - it is difficult to see this when clothes are on a hanger
  • Mannequins attract peoples attention
  • Use emotion in window displays - good example is laughing mannequin by Big Smile Mannequins from Canada
  • Use sculptural pieces - parts of cars, trees, antiques, retro, futuristic...
  • Very important: Use lighting
  • Use fans to blow clothing or hair
  • Use lines, reflection, shadows, and contrast
  • Use mannequins made from different materials: plastic, wireframe, transparent, moving (motorised), glass
  • Use faceless/headless/armless/legless mannequins
  • Mannequins parts: heads, arms, hands, legs to display scarves, hats, rings, socks
  • Use child mannequins for displaying children's clothing
  • Boost sales by selling accessories - promoted by mannequin parts
  • Use layers of clothing for winter - e.g. shirt, sweater, and jacket - display as many items of clothing as possible on in-store mannequins

Mannequins (new and used, ebay)

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