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Hi and welcome to Bootkidz, a small design company based in London. This page has a few ideas for you to improve your child's room.

Use colourful Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a cheap and fun way to add colour and fun to your child's room. Creating a theme for your little one's room will make them healthier and happier. They will play games with the characters or patterns on the wall.

Help me make my children’s room better

Create an environment that is fun to play-in and your child will have more fun!

Ideas for Children's Rooms

Kids' Rooms: Decorating Ideas and Projects (Better Homes & Gardens (Paperback)): Decorating Ideas and Projects (Better Homes & Gardens)
Kids' Rooms: Decorating Ideas and Projects
Kidspace Idea Book: Creative Playrooms. Clever Storage Ideas. Retreats for Teens. Toddler-Friendly Bedrooms (Idea Book)
Kidspace Idea Book: Creative Playrooms.
Babyspace (Idea Book)
Babyspace (Idea Book)
Creative Ideas for Kids' Rooms: Over 25 Step-by-step Projects
Creative Ideas for Kids' Rooms: Over 25 Step-by-step Projects

Easy learning

Make your child’s room a place where he/she can learn and grow-up easily. A child's room must be a comfort-zone; a place that belongs to them. An "easy-learning zone". Neat and tidy drawers and linen is the place to start. Lots of storage and simple things like bed mats, dirty clothes bags, or children's coat racks.


Here are some ideas for keeping children's rooms tidy.

Important points

  • Things to do (toys, colouring-in)
  • Easy access to toys
  • Arrange toys to maximize learning
  • Big play areas (lots of space)
  • Places to hide things
  • Play-mats
  • Children's Books - by Lucy Coats
  • A window (sunlight = healthy) with fun-curtains
  • Big desk with many drawers if they are older
  • Cupboards, drawers, lockers, cubbies
  • Children's fun art style posters (by a professional artist)

Focus on the environment

Making children’s rooms better is all about focusing on the room as an environment to play and learn.

Key questions

Focus on what is important for your child at their developmental age. Ask yourself “What is important for my child?”

Here are some possible answers

  • I want my child to improve motor-skills and hand-eye coordination. Think about simple building block toys, such as Lego (boy) or a Dolls House (girl).
  • I want my child to do well in school. Is a computer that important for a young child’s personal development?


Gingham Theme Lamp shades Think about creating a theme for the room – for example "Skateboarding" or "Horses". There are many more ideas including fairies, flying machines, cartoon characters like Thomas the Tank engine, Polka Dots, and Flower patterns.


Girls Bunting - Flora Bunting For girls, floral buntings are great ideas (see above bed in right image). Just putting up bunting creates a fun party atmosphere. A gorgeous decoration for children's rooms.

Another idea is floral bed linen for girls rooms. Putting beautiful white fresh linen with delicate floral patterns creates a wonderful balanced atmosphere.

Victorian decoration

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