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"Kerbal Space Program" (KSP) is space simulation software made by Squad. KSP lets you build and launch rockets into Space.

Kerbal Space Program has a community driven wiki for sharing and learning about space science - see here.

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How do I play Kerbal Space Program?

Download Kerbal Space Program onto your Mac, Windows, or Linux (including Ubuntu) computer.

How do I download Kerbal Space Program?

A free demo is also available.

Where can I buy Kerbal Space Program?

See this webpage on the Kerbal website for purchasing options.

Game Ideas for Teachers

Kerbal Space Program is an amazing educational game. Here are some ideas:

  • Re-live and learn about the challenges of the early space pioneers
  • Build rockets!
  • Use parachutes to land
  • Learn to orbit Kerbol (the home planet)
  • Visit the "Mun" (similar but smaller to the Moon)
  • Build orbiters, landers, and return vehicles
  • Run science experiments in space and on distant planets
  • Use science to earn more technology
  • Learn about orbital mechanics
  • Learn about aero-dynamics (thrust, centre of mass, center of lift)
  • Build space planes
  • Build an orbiting space station

Kerbal Space Program Screenshot

Here is a screenshot from the home page of the game.

Kerbal Space Program
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