Outdoor Activities and Games for Kids

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Hi and welcome to Bootkidz, a small design company based in London. This page is our hub page for all our outdoor fun activities for kids. See our list of outdoor pages below.

Outdoor Fun and Games for Kids: Over 100 Activities for 3-11 Year Olds by Jane Kemp and Clare Walters

Splendid Outdoor Fun for Kids

Wheelbarrows Wheelbarrows
Wigwams Wigwams
Climbing Frames Climbing Frames
Watering Cans Watering Cans

Outdoor Fun for Kids

Play-houses/Wendy Houses Play-houses/ Wendy Houses
Swimming/Paddling Pools Swimming/ Paddling Pools
Bouncy Castles Bouncy Castles
Trampolines Trampolines

Outdoor Games (Amazon)

Amazon have a wide selection of outdoor games and activities for kids. See this selection of outdoor games on Amazon.

Outdoor Activities and Games for Kids

eBay has a wide variety of outdoor games for kids. See if there is something you are looking for in the list of below from eBay.

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