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Mini Lego Boot Kidz: Only 8 Steps

Mini Boot Kidz Clothes Stand with Wellington Boots made in Lego Only 23 Lego pieces. Step-by-step instructions on how to build your own Boot Kidz Wellington Boot coat stand in Lego. Order the exact number of Lego pieces online.

Mini Lego Boot Kidz >>>

Mini Lego Lucy: 49 Steps

Lucy made in Lego Fun to build 125 piece Lego coat stand of Lucy. Yellow, orange, blue, and red Lego bricks ready to order available to order. Printable instructions. Mini Lego Lucy >>>

Mini Lego Joe: 54 Steps

Lego Joe Great project for the kids. Order the Lego pieces online. Easy to follow instructions.

Lego Joe >>>

Mini Lego Chloe: 66 Steps

Cute Chloe in Lego 171 pieces.

Lego Chloe >>>


This video shows the assembly of Lego Chloe Bootkidz.

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