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Hi and welcome to Bootkidz, a small design company based in London. This page has Lego instructions for building a miniature Chloe Bootkidz mannequin/coat stand wearing Wellington Boots.

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About Chloe Bootkidz

Chloe is a mannequin designed by Karen Henry, see Chloe Bootkidz.

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Miniature Manikin: Chloe Bootkidz in Lego

Miniature Manikin: Chloe Bootkidz

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Build Instructions

Mini Boot Kidz Lego  

With Lego:

  • Number of bricks: 23
  • Assembly time: 10 - 20 minutes
  • Cost: Only 3.19 from Lego shop (excluding delivery, price may vary due to exchange rate)
  • Buy Mini Boot Kidz from Lego

Without Lego:

Step 1: Attach Wellington boots to base

Lego Wellington Boot Lego Base Plate
Wellington Boots attached to base

Step 2: Start building legs

Lego Leg Top of Lego Wellington Boot
Both Lego boots and leg attached to base

Step 3: Finish building legs

Lego Leg
Lego Boots and Legs

Step 4: Bottom of dress

Lego side of dress Lego Bottom of dress
Lego Showing bottom of Boot Kidz dress

Step 5: Continue building dress

Lego Side of dress Lego Side of dress
Lego Dress almost complete

Step 6: Start building hair

Lego Dress piece Lego Neck Lego Top part of dress
Lego mini 90% complete

Step 7: Complete hair

hair Lego piece hair Lego piece hair Lego piece
90% complete

Step 8: Finished

Lego Fringe hair piece Lego Fringe hair piece
Lego Mini Boot Kidz 100% complete

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