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Hi and welcome to - a small design company based in London. This is an article on line drawing that we have drafted for people interested in sketching, line drawing, and general artistic creativity.

What is line drawing?

Line drawing is drawing freehand with pencil or other art mediums. Line drawing can even be done on an iPad using a drawing app. Line drawing is normally done using black felt tip pen or pencil.

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Line drawing for fashion

Sometimes line drawings are drawn in another colour - for example, in fashion design - blue pencil is used. Rough blue lines are sketched and then once the fashion model design is finished, dark black lines are drawn over the preferred lines to make the outline. Scanning or photocopying does not pick up the blue lines. When the picture is copied only the black lines are present.

Line drawing for other technical fields

Architect technical drawings are line drawings that depict the design of buildings. Line drawings are often used in the cartoon industry for conveying ideas, sketching skeletons, and rough flip book animation.

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Line drawing in Art

Line drawing for art can be sketching done on a canvas before painting over the lines with paint. Line drawing can be art on its own. Line drawing is emotive and expressive.

Line drawings are expressive forms of art. Van Gogh made amazing sketches of wheat field workers expressing his empathy with the hard life of labourers on farms. They were very simple realistic drawings. The soft lines showed he cared about the hardship suffered by the labourers.

You can use line drawing to draw objects, landscapes, and even abstract expression using lines. When you sketch you use line marks or patterns.

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The 'How-To' of Sketching: Develop Your Ability to Produce Expressive, Lively Line Drawings [Paperback]
The 'How-To' of Sketching: Develop Your Ability to Produce Expressive, Lively Line Drawings [Paperback]
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Picasso's Line Drawings and Prints (Dover Art Library) [Paperback]
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Professional Manga: Digital Storytelling with Manga Studio EX [Paperback]
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Uni Pin Drawing Pens, Pack of 5 Assorted Tip Sizes, Black Ink

Mediums for Line Drawing

The mediums used for line drawings include: pencils, charcoal, coloured crayons, felt-tip pens, chalk, pastels, and watercolour crayons.

The paper that is used by a line drawing artist depends on the medium.

When you're drawing you use fine paper. You get special paper for drawing. Some paper is rougher. This gives a rougher texture. This changes the look of lines.

Pastels and charcoals must have a fixer to fix the sketch to the paper to prevent smudging.

Subjects for Line Drawing

Typical subjects for line drawing include still life, landscapes, buildings, or abstract art. For buildings use felt tip pen. Felt tip pen is only dark. With a pencil you can press harder to create light and dark lines. With felt tip pens you cannot erase so you must draw slowly.

You can't shade with charcoal very easily. You use an eraser to rub out sections. You draw with the eraser. You can put charcoal over the erased areas. With charcoal you do a lot of taking away. You can even draw lines on charcoal drawings with the tip of the eraser. This is a useful technique.

With pencil drawing you need a range of darkness. If you're using just graphite pencils, you get different darknesses of pencils. HB is the middle of the range. All the lighter shades are H, 2H, 3H, 4H - the higher the number the lighter it is. For darker use the B's - 2B, 3B, 4B. These get darker the higher the number. You cannot do a drawing with just one pencil. You need a range of these pencils to create a pencil drawing. Use an eraser with pencil drawing.

An interesting idea is to make squares of colour on a piece paper with wax crayons or oil pastels (expensive). Place another piece of black paper over it. Using a pencil do a line drawing on top of the black paper pressing down against the paper with coloured squares. Once you're finished lift the black paper and on the reverse will be a psychedelic colour line drawing. This is a great idea for art class in schools.

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