London Design Festival Card

Card Printed for London Design Festival

This is the card hand-out used during the London Design Festival for Bootkidz at Gap Kids in Regent Street.

1000 cards were printed and displayed on card stands at the exhibition for the during of the event.


The Boot Kidz @ Exhibitions and in Design Magazines

London Metropolitan University Exhibition London Met
GapKids GapKids
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Card Design

The card reads:

"To support the London Design Festival's continuing commitment to design innovation, GapKids is proud to collaborate with local designers Jenny Wilkinson and Karen Henry. Gap Kids' design team worked closely with Jenny and Karen to develop special window installations that feature GapKids product alongside their innovative designs.

Windows feature Karen Henry's 'Boot Kidz', two dimensional cartoon-like clothes stands, and Jenny Wilkinsons's playful, 50s inspired wallpaper-by-numbers.

To find out more about the artists, visit and

To find out more about the festival, visit "

Scan of Front of Card

This is the card that was used as the card for the exhibition. It was also used in-store as an entertainment device for children to paint the card by numbers. Children were handed a crayon and the card to keep them occupied! Hope you enjoyed reading about this. For more information contact Karen Henry here.

London Design Festival, Bootkidz, scan of card
Card for Exhibition

Scan of Back of Card

This is the back of the card. Children used crayons to paint in the lines of the card.

London Design Festival, Paint by Numbers, scan of back of card
Card for Exhibition showing Monkeys hanging in a tree - you can buy this wallpaper from Jenny's website here.

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