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Loywe - Mannequin / Dummy / bust /- Female, White- LW6036 White
Loywe - Mannequin

Mannequin Books

Mannequins (book)

Mannequins (Hardcover) by Steven M. Richman

"Bought this for a relative who is interested in Mannequins. Has many good photographs of contemporary ones. I would recommend this to anyone, even at this high price!", LN, WA, USA star rating

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Counter Culture: The Allure of Mini-Mannequins

Counter Culture: The Allure of Mini-Mannequins by Steven Heller

Tiny, glamorous, with cheekbones and lips to rival those of Hollywood sirens, miniature countertop mannequins graced stores from the 1920s to the 1960s. Eventually abandoned by retailers, these delicately detailed statuettes, now collectors' items, are documented by New York Times art director Steven Heller and designer Louise Fili in Counter Culture: The Allure of Mini-Mannequins.

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Miniature Mannequins: Identification & Price Guide

Miniature Mannequins: Identification & Price Guide

From the tragedy of World War II to the height of haute couture, this book takes you from the genesis of miniature mannequins with the famous Theatre de la Mode to display mannequins and sewing kits found in sewing stores of the 1940ís and 50ís. Baby Boomers will recognize the miniature sewing mannequin sets from their childhood when proper young ladies learned to sew for their future families. This collectorís price guide features 200 full-coloured photos of miniature mannequins.

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