Mannequin Parts

Various parts for mannequins

Loywe - Mannequin / Dummy / bust /- Female, White- LW6036 White
Loywe - Mannequin


Abstract Mannequin

Abstract mannequins are artistic, wire frame, or comical mannequins that provide artistic flair to a window display. Artistic mannequins tend not to get out dated as quickly as traditional mannequins. More care should be given to these types of mannequins as they also tend to be more fragile.

Ankle Rod

Holds the mannequin upright by acting as an anchor to balance the mannequin by supporting it by the ankle. The ankle rod is usually connected to the floor or base of the mannequin using a base flange. See picture of an ankle rod here.


The armature is the underlying mesh or wire on-top of which the mannequin is built. See this page where somebody has attempted to build their own armature for a mannequin using glue and mesh - useful if you're interested in building your own mannequin - or saving money by building a low-cost mannequin. See here for how an artist uses a wire frame armature to start building a clay sculpture.


Articulated mannequins are mannequins that have hinges that allow repositioning of the body parts of the mannequin. Lots of photos of articulated artist mannequins (stock photography site).



Base Flange

Base flange
Base flanges (

Used to connect a pipe to a base. Usually used to connect an ankle rod or a butt rod of the mannequin to the base or floor. The base flange has bolt holes in both the disc and perpendicular tube that allows fixing the unit to the base and the rod.

Victorian decoration

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