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Uttam Kids Fox Velvet AW2012-004 Strapless Girl's Dress
Bench Peaches Girl's Jacket

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school girl wearing white school top
Girl's school shirts and school blouses: 6 - 14 years
school girl wearing skirt
Girl's school skirts
Boy wearing school trousers from M&S
Boy's school trousers
school boy wearing school trousers
Boy's school shirts
School boy and girl wearing school jumper
Girl's and Boy's jumpers

Affordable Schoolwear (at John Lewis)

white school shirt
School shirts from John Lewis
John Lewis Rain Jacket, Navy
School jackets from John Lewis
grey school trousers
School trousers and trews from John Lewis
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Quality and Fashionable Schoolwear for Girls and Boys

Girl's shirts and blouses

girl with school tie smiling looking to right
Girl's shirts and blouses
  • Fairtrade Polo Shirts
  • Cotton Stain-away(TM) shirts
  • Easycare Long-sleeve shirts
  • Three quarter (3/4) Sleeve fashion blouses
  • Non-iron blouses
  • 3/4 Stretch blouses
  • Easy Care Short Sleeve Pintuck Blouses

Boy's trousers

boy with grey blue school sweater jersey wearing tie looking up
Boy's trousers
  • Stain Defence Adjustable Waist Pleat Front Trousers
  • Stain Defence Flat Front School Trousers
  • Stain Defence Adjustable Waist Wool Blend Flat Front Trousers
  • Stain Defence Adjustable Waist Pleat Front Trousers with Choice of Lengths
  • 2 Pack Flat Front School Trousers
  • Pure Cotton Adjustable Waist Centre Crease Trousers
  • Flat Front Cargo Trousers
  • Boys Recycle Single Pleat Trousers
  • Lightweight Trousers

Girl's fashion schoolwear

smiling girl wearing fashionable school clothes
Girl's fashion schoolwear
  • 3/4 Sleeve Fashion Blouses
  • Stain Defence Buckle Detail Pleated Skirt
  • Girls' Knitted Plain Pinafore
  • Belted Wide Leg Trousers
  • Pure Cotton Zip-Through Fashion Cardigan
  • Cotton Rich Zip-Through Jogging Top
  • Knee Length Belted Pencil Skirt
  • Girls' 4 Button Pleated Skirt
  • Belted Turn-Up Trousers

Boy's shirts

small smiling boy looking orange hair wearing blue shirt with tie over shoulder
Boy's shirts
  • White Easycare Long Sleeve Shirts
  • Plain Polo Shirts
  • Stain-Away™ Pure Cotton Polo Shirts
  • White Easycare Short Sleeve Shirts
  • Stain-Away™ Non-Iron Long Sleeve Shirts
  • Stain-Away™ Non-Iron Short Sleeve Shirts
  • Fairtrade Certified Cotton Long Sleeve Shirts
  • Easycare Short Sleeve Shirts
  • 2 Easycare Long Sleeve Shirts

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