Telling the time

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See our new design for our Chloe Wall Clock. This clock is based on one of the cartoon characters designed by Karen Henry.

The Gruffalo [Illustrated] [Paperback]
The Gruffalo [Illustrated] [Paperback]
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Telling the Time

This page has educational resources for teachers and parents interested in helping children learn to tell the time.

See this list of time telling books for children on

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Kids watches on eBay.

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Red Time Teacher Wristwatch

Red Time Teacher Wristwatch

Red Time Teacher Wristwatch

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Time Teacher Wall Clock

Time Teacher Wall Clock

Time Teacher Wall Clock

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Rainbow Clock

Rainbow Clock

Rainbow Clock. Great for kitchens, playrooms and bedrooms. Available only at - see link for details.

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Wooden Shape Sorting Clock

Wooden Shape Sorting Clock

Wooden Shape Sorting Clock

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Clock Face Outline for colouring-in and teaching the time

Outline of clock face for teaching
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Outline of clock face

Outline of clock face for teaching. We've made the numbers of the clock outlines as well to allow the children to colour in the numbers.

Font for clock

The font is Consolas font which shows the zero with a line through it.

Clock without (different zero)

Here is another image of the clock with a zero without a line. Use File > Preview and change to landscape mode.

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Hour and Minute hands

Also download the clock hands. This is a set of 12 hour and minute hands - long and short - for cutting out by teacher for each child in classroom.


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