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What are boot stands?

Boot stands are used to dry and air rubber boots. Rubber boots as against neoprene or other synthetic boots need to be looked after. Rubber boots tend to get rather smelly during the damp winter months and allowing them to dry naturally is important when it comes to extending the working duration of your boots. Airing your boots prevents mould and bacteria from growing on the inside of the boot and makes your boots last longer (and smell better too!). The bacteria and mould can cause fungal infections of the skin of the foot (prevent athletes foot and ringworm). Airing and cleaning your boots is an essential part of boot care and maintenance.

How to use boot stands

Place your boots on the pegs preferably outside your house and allow them to dry naturally. Most boot stands have vertical pegs to allow water and mud to drip out with the aid of gravity. Make sure there is enough ventilation in the boot drying area and that the humidity is low. Mould prefers damp and dark places. Some boot stands have special boot opening devices that spread the boot to allow for better airing. Other boot stands have curled ends which do the same thing. Remember that rubber boots should not be left in direct sunlight as this degrades the rubber. Some more up-market boot stands have in-built boot brushes and scrapers to allow you to clean your boots before hanging them up. Consider putting a boot jack and a doormat near the boot stand to allow the boot wearers to scrape the bases of their boots and scrub the large pieces of grass and mud off the boot. The boot jack is a nifty device that hooks onto the back of the boot and allows the user to remove the boot without using their hands.

Smelly Boots

If you have smelly boots then you can try to replace the insole. Contact the manufacturer of your boots to see if insoles are available for purchase. Another tip is to put bicarbonate of soda/baking soda inside the boot (search for "boot" on the page).

Types of boot stands

There are different types of rubber boot stands, including:

  • Mounting types: either wall mounted or free-standing on the floor (see below)
  • All wood - wooden base with wooden pegs made in either oak, beech, or pine
  • Electronic - gadget, great gift idea
  • Metal (usually cast iron or steel) - these stands tend to be more expensive due to the manufacturing process used.
  • Industrial - meat and poultry processing factories use sophisticated boot cleaning, washing, and drying machines. Necessary for health and safety reasons, to prevent the spread of bovian/avian virii - to allow for quick cleaning and drying for the next shift. These have germicidal lamps for destroying bacteria and are electrically heated to speed-up drying.

Mounting for Welly Stands

Welly stands can either be free-standing or mounted on the wall.

Wall Mounted Wellington Boot Rack
Wall Mounted
Free-standing Wellington Boot Rack
Free-standing on the floor
Fashionable Wellington Boot Stand
Fashionable, Hand-Made

Wooden Boot Stand Types

Pine Boot Stand
Beech Boot Rack
Oak Boot Rack

Metal Boot Stand Types

Cast iron boot stand
Cast Iron
Industrial Boot Dryer
Steel (Powder Coated)

Other Stand Types

Gadget Boot Stand
Alternative Boot Stand

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