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Hi and welcome to Bootkidz, a small furniture design company based in London. This page has links to wardrobe organiser kits.

Atomic Coat Hooks Rack Hanger Atomic Coat Hook 4 Star

Sweetheart Clothes Rail
GLTC Clothes Rail 5 Star

Clothes Dryers

Clothes Drying Stands Clothes Drying Stands
Clothes Lines Clothes Lines
Tri-pod Drying Unit Tri-pod Drying Unit
Over Door Multi Hook Overdoor Hooks and Hangers

Where can I buy wardrobe organiser kits?

See this list of wardrobe organising kits for storing clothes, ties, shoes, socks and more.

Wardrobe Organiser Kits (Amazon.co.uk)

Wardrobe Organiser Kit (ebay)

Ebay Top Rated Trust Banner

Wardrobe Organiser Kit 1.52m (5') up to 2.44m (8') wide

Wardrobe Organiser Kit 1.52m (5') up to 2.44m (8') wide. Order while stocks last.

Details >>>

Wardrobe Organiser Kit up to 1.52m (5') wide

Wardrobe Organiser Kit up to 1.52m (5') wide

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