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Bring Me Sunshine: A Windswept, Rain-Soaked, Sun-Kissed, Snow-Capped Guide To Our Weather
Book: Bring Me Sunshine (available in Kindle, Paperback, Audio formats)


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Handy Weather Clock Radio with Graphical Symbols

Philips AJ260/05 - Weather Clock Radio
"This clock/radio is amazing. It looks great & the time is radio-controlled so is always right. The outdoor temperature is useful & the weather forecast is surprisingly accurate. The radio sound is quite good and the display is big and bright but we had to put a piece of wood under it to make it stand upright - at an angle we could not read it in bed. The price at Amazon is good too [...]", Frodie, UK, 4 stars


Radio-controlled clock automatically synchronises with the local radio broadcast's standard time so you don't ever need to worry about checking for accuracy or making adjustments. Accurate time without latency is ensured daily or while the clock's power is on.

Easy to read display weather forecast with graphical animations. Gentle wake with increasing alarm volume.

Other Features

  • Display indoor-outdoor temperature
  • Built-in hygrometer display indoor humidity
  • Digital tuning with presets
  • Wake up to your favourite radio tune or a buzzer
  • Dual alarm time
  • Digital radio-controlled clock for accurate time settings
  • Large backlit LCD display for easier viewing in low light
  • Multi-colour light weather indicator.
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Weather Science

Weather science or Meteorology is the scientific study of the atmosphere that focuses on weather processes and forecasting. Weather forecasters or Meteorologists predict the weather based on historical data and statistical techniques such as weather simulations and weather models.

Make your own Thermometer for Kids

Bug Thermometer
Keep track of the weather with your very own thermometer. Paint both sides using outdoor, waterproof paint. Attach to any window sill with suction cups. Age 7 and up.

Things to do on rainy days

Rainy days are fun days. There are so many things to do. Tidy your room - if you don't like that - play games on the computer. How about building a play-house out of sheets and a table. Start a big puzzle. Play with a train-set or scalextric racing car set or play Lego on a playmat. You could be brave and get out your wellies and go for a splash in the rain. Use your raincoats and hang your wellies on wellie stands and your rain jacket on a coat stand when you get back. If you live in London you can visit the London Science Museum, or you can access their online weather prediction pages in their environment section and learn more about weather.

Weather products

There are many fun gadgets that can make weather fun. Build your own weather gauge instruments such as Anemometer (wind speed meter). All you need is a box with two ends cut off and a piece of stiff paper to block the wind. A semi-circular slit down the side of the box next to the stiff paper indicates how fast the wind is blowing.

Complete Hobbyist Weather Station for Recording Weather

Oregon Scientific PC Link Professional Weather Station with 4 Sensors/Gauges & Touch Screen WMR928NX
"I bought this 4 years ago and it is fantastic. The rain gauge,outside temperature and wind are all solar. Before I bought this I had battery operated rain gauge and every winter in the cold,wind or rain i had to change the batteries. With the solar you do not need to. It is fantastic. Put the solar transmitters in full sun. This is the best weather station on earth.", JP, London, 4 stars


Become a weather man with this professional weather forecaster This complete weather station comes equipped with outdoor sensors that operate on solar power which provides easy installation. This weather forecaster comes with a PC link so you can download up to date information gathered by various sensors. It comes with various sensors to monitor temperature and humidity along with an anemometer to measure wind speed and a self emptying rain gauge.


  • Digital touch screen weather station, PC linkable
  • Includes remote wind meter for wind speed & direction
  • Thermo/hygrometer with 3 separate channels
  • Radio controlled clock & calendar HiGlo backlight
  • Includes remote rain collector Barometer with easy-to-read forecasting symbols
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Best Selling Weather Books

The Cloudspotter's Guide (Paperback) book
The Cloudspotter's Guide (Paperback) book by Gavin Pretor-Pinney
Star rating
RYA Weather Handbook - Northern Hemisphere
RYA Weather Handbook - Northern Hemisphere book by Chris Tibbs and Sarah Selman
Star rating
The Wrong Kind of Snow (Hardcover) book
The Wrong Kind of Snow (Hardcover) book by Antony Woodward
Star rating

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