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Hi and welcome to Bootkidz, a small design company based in London. This page has a crossword with words questions and answers relating to the humble "Wellington Boot".

Wellington Boot Games

This is a fun game if you're a fan of the Wellington Boot.

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Wellington Boot Crossword Puzzle

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  1. Device used to remove muddy boots
  2. French rubber boot company
  3. Keeps wellies cool and dry.
  4. Famous French Wellington Boot company
  5. Shoemaker who designed Welly
  6. I commissioned the Wellington Boot (surname)
  7. Famous Scottish Wellington Boot Company
  8. I bought the patent for rubber and founded one of the largest rubber boot companies in the world
  9. Common synthetic rubber used to make waterproof clothing and wellington boots
  10. Process that ensures rubber doesn't decay


  1. Overshoe boot-like coverings
  2. Throwing wellies
  3. What wellies are called in New Zealand
  4. The raw form of rubber
  5. Festival highlight and Wellington Boot fashion parade
  6. County in England where Wellington Monument located
  7. French leader
  8. Sounds like "Smelly"
  9. I invented an important process for making the rubber for wellies
  10. I was the fashionable boot in the 1800's
  11. Wet soil
  12. Phone company that originally made rubber boots
  13. Chemical used for making plastic wellies
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