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Hi and welcome to Bootkidz.co.uk - a small design company based in London. This page has a Wellington Boot tag cloud generated using tagxedo.com.

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Tag Cloud

A tag cloud is a collection of words that relate to a particular website, document, web page, or other electronic content - arranged in a seemingly random way, with different font sizes, colours, text-directions, and font styles, to create a cloud shaped object summarizing a larger data set.

The tag cloud on this page is that of a Wellington boot and includes all the words relating to Wellington boots. Tag clouds are not totally dissimilar to tagging. For example, this link shows items on Amazon tagged with the word Wellington boot.

What might be a next idea, for us on this page is to create a tag cloud based on the tagged items on Amazon to create a Wellington boot made up of smaller images of wellies - creating an image tag cloud.

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Wellington Boots

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Wellington Boot Tag Cloud

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