Cement Wellington Boots

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Bootkidz coat stands use cement Wellington boots to provide stability for the coat stand. The cement boots are a modern design consideration as cement is a contemporary material used in the manufacture of many design orientated art pieces.

Cement Boots

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Cement Wellington Boots stand


Cement Wellington Boots on Stand

Making the mould

Each Wellington Boot is made by creating a mold using a real Wellington Boot. Dyed cement is poured into the mold. 2 weeks later the boots are ready.

Connecting the base

When the boots are ready, holes are drilled in the base and top of the boots. The top hole is for the legs of the stand. The bottom holes are for the base.

Pipe Benders for Steel

The stand is constructed by bending steel around specially constructed pipe benders.


Each character has their own base. The bases can be round, oval, or square.

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