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CI CS 1750 White Jumbo Playground Chalk in A Plastic Container with Handle (52-Piece)

  • Chunky chalk sticks
  • Excellent for outdoor murals
  • Perfect for small hands
  • Includes sturdy plastic storage container with handle
  • 52pcs
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Giant Chalk - White 20pcs

  • Chunky Chalks perfect for outdoor use
  • 20 pieces
  • Handy storage bucket
  • Each piece 25mm diameter x 100mm
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Art Straws AM551 Chunk chalks White

  • Perfect for little hands
  • The short, stubby shape reduces breakages
  • Washes off patio stones
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Stephens Superline Chalk - White (Pack of 144)

  • White chalk
  • Packed in a cardboard box
  • Pack of 144
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First available:30/12/2012

STAEDTLER 351WP6 Lumocolour Whiteboard Marker with Bullet Tip, Multicolor , Pack of 6

  • Can be dry wiped from whiteboards without leaving a trace
  • Fast drying and low odour
  • Dry safe, can be left uncapped for days without drying up
  • Airplane-safe - automatic pressure equalization prevents pen from leaking on board aircraft
  • Locked tip, prevents tip from being pushed into barrel
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White Hinge 7Pc Set Of Giant Assorted Colour Chalks

  • Pack Of 7 Coloured Jumbo Chalk Sticks
  • A Great Novelty Gift For Children & Young Adults
  • Perfect For The Playground & Drawing On Concrete & Pavement
  • Each Pack Includes: 2x Pink, 2x Blue, 1x Yellow, 1x Green & 1x Orange Chalk
  • Each Chalk Measures: 200mm x 45mm
Last change:03/09/2019

Premier Stationery N0288466 World of Colour Jumbo Coloured Sidewalk Chalk (Pack of 6)

  • 6 Pieces of Jumbo Chalk White
  • Assorted Colours
  • Washable Chalk
  • 6 Colours to Choose From
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Last change:02/10/2019

White Hinge 5x Jumbo Coloured Childrens Pavement Chalk - Large Arts Crafts Kids Outdoor School Playground

  • 5Pc Set Includes: Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, & Red Chalk
  • Jumbo Size Makes Them Perfect For Outdoor Activities
  • Suitable For Children
  • Easily Cleans Off Clothes In The Wash
  • Size: 10cm x 2.5cm
Last change:09/12/2019

Pack of 12 Coloured Chalk Box White Chalk, Assorted colors, Chalks For Kids/Nontoxic

  • LOL Surprise! Diary Glitter Gift Set Notebook Journal Girls Pink Green Character
  • Safe & Non-Toxic
  • Ideal for home, school, nursery, blackboards, business signage etc
  • Great, Creative Fun
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Melissa & Doug Art Essentials Easel Pad (17 x 20 inches) With 50 Sheets of White Bond Paper

  • Top-bound pad of extra large paper
  • The perfect fit for Melissa & Doug Standing Art Easels, your art table, or the floor.
  • 50 sheets of premium white bond paper
  • Ideal for use with pencils, crayons, markers, chalk, watercolour or poster paints
£5.99 £5.98
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First available:07/07/2010

White Hinge 6x Jumbo Coloured Pavement Chalk Sticks - Kids Floor & Blackboard Drawing Fun

  • Large, Easy Grip Chalks
  • Fun Pavement/Sidewalk Drawing Sticks
  • Six Different Colours
  • Length: 10cm (4")
Last change:03/09/2019

Melissa & DougEasel Paper Roll (18" x 75')

  • High quality bond paper on a 23-metre roll
  • Sturdy white paper is perfect for use with pencils, crayons, markers, chalk, poster paints or watercolours.
  • Fits Deluxe Standing Easel
  • Terrific value
£5.99 £5.49
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First available:07/07/2010

White Hinge 12x Jumbo Coloured Pavement Chalk Sticks - Kids Floor & Blackboard Drawing Fun

  • Large, Easy Grip Chalks
  • Fun Pavement/Sidewalk Drawing Sticks
  • Six Different Colours
  • Length: 10cm (4")
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Last change:02/01/2020
First available:08/06/2018

White Hinge 12Pc Jumbo Coloured Pavement Chalk Chunky Playground Drawing Art Craft Blackboard Pub Bar

  • Includes 6 Colours White, Yellow, Red, Pink, Green & Blue
  • Chunky Chalk For Easy Grip
  • Will Easily Wash Away In Rain!
Last change:09/12/2019