Krylon Fusion Spray paint for wellies

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Hi and welcome to Bootkidz. This page discusses how to use spray paint to design your own artistic Wellington boots.

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For those visiting our website again, you may remember we published a page on painting your own wellies. Well, we've thought up another way that you can paint your wellies - and this time this idea applies to plastic and PVC based wellies and fabrics (such as plastic rain-macs).

Please note: Before using spray paint ensure you have read the safety instructions. Always work in a room with lots of ventilation or preferably work outside.

Spray Painting Wellies using Krylon Fusion

Rubber wellies are more difficult to paint because of the organic and flexible nature of the material and we'd recommend a stretchy PVC based paint such as the one described on the make your own wellies page.

How to tell whether you have PVC or Rubber Boots

Usually, PVC is shinier than rubber although nowadays rubber boots are coated with a thin layer of plastic to protect them. Please note: We recommend you test the paint on a small part of the boot such as the back of the heal, where no one will notice before attempting to paint your expensive boots!

Masking Tape/Paper Masks and Multi-Colours

The idea is simple, use masking tape to tape off areas of the boot you don't wanted painted. Buy a few cans of Krylon Fusion in different colours. Wait 15 minutes before applying another colour. Another idea is to create paper masks. Create a design on a sheet of paper. Using multiple pieces of paper, trace the individual shapes and cut these out on separate pieces of paper. Then spray over the mask onto the boot. Good luck! Send us a photo.

Please test this idea on a small area first! Note that some boots have waxy coverings that may be damaged by spray paint. Test on a small area! Also see the example of the watering can below.

Krylon Corporation

Krylon Inc, is a North American business, started in Philadelphia by Howard E. Kester over 60 years ago - and at that point started the revolution of aerosol spray paints. The aerosol process was invented by DuPont, a large corporation at the time, and Kester used this technology combined it with his own brush-on paint inventions, to create many aerosol paint innovations over a period of 40 years. Krylon continues to invent many new types of innovative spray paints today. Read their about page for more information.

Krylon for Graffiti Art

Krylon Paint has some unique properties that make it ideal for painting over other plastic based paints. Note that there are many different kinds of Krylon spray paints, so choosing the correct paint for your task at hand is important.

Properties of Krylon Paints

We wanted to know was the properties of Krylon Paint. We were thinking of using Krylon for our own manufacturing process and designs. We're really interested in one particular brand of Krylon Paint, that being 'Krylon Fusion'. There are:

  • No sanding or preparation of surface is required - perfect for Graffiting
  • Bonds easily to most plastics, PVC, resin and more
  • Dries fast in 15 minutes
  • Items can be handled after 1 hour
  • Fully chip resistant after 7 days
  • Surfaces: Wood, Metal, Wicker, Wrought Iron, Plastic, Hard Vinyl, Glass, Plaster, Ceramic, Paper, Paper Mache.

Where can I buy Krylon?

Besides contacting Krylon in the USA, you can try searching ebay for Krylon spray paint. Also see this large list of Krylon Fusion paints on Add your colour to the search keyword at Amazon and read their shipping policy to see if they ship to the UK. For the UK see Krylon Fusion (UK) and if you live in the USA see Krylon Fusion (USA). We've found these to be popular Graffitist products sources. Other ideas are to see the links at the bottom of this page - these include UK based Krylon Fusion distributers.

Krylon Fusion Spray Paints

KRYLON Camouflage Paint with Fusion Technology (Black)

  • Flat Matte Black Finish
  • 311g / 11oz contents
  • Dries in 15 minutes
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