Make Your Own Lip Balm

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Nutley's Make Your Own Lip Balm Kit Natural and Vegan

  • Makes a great gift for friends or a treat for yourself
  • Kit contains all vegan ingredients, no beeswax!
  • All contents are biodegradable or recyclable
  • Available in six delicious flavours
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Girl Girls Kids Children Child World Of Beauty Lip Gloss Workshop - Top Reviewed Glamour - Fun Cosmetics Gift Present Idea For Birthdays, Christmas or Stocking Fillers Age 8+ Entertaining Activity Kit

  • Mix lip gloss base, concentrated colour pigment and crystal glitter to make your own unique lip gloss in 6 special lollipop containers... decorate them ,too.
  • Lip gloss base, 3 colour pigments, crystal glitter, measuring cup, mixing spatula, lollipop containers, stir stick, plastic bowl, glitter powder, rub-on stickers and more.
  • Suitable for ages 8+
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Beeswax Alchemy: How to Make Your Own Soap, Candles, Balms, Creams, and Salves from the Hive

  • Acid and lignin free
  • Suitable for art and craft projects
  • Made in USA
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First available:02/04/2015

Grafix Groovy Labz Make your own Fruity Lip Balm Age 12+

  • Make your own Fruity Lip Balm by Grafix
  • Age 12 Years +
  • Great Christmas Stocking Filler / Birthday Gift
  • Contains: 4 Empty Plastic Containers 3 Bottles of Flavourings (Cherry, Blueberry & Strawberry) 1 Lip Balm Base 1 Melting Container Lip Balm Tube 1 Scoop 1 Spatula 1 Measuring Cup A6 Sticker Sheet Instructions
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Galt Toys Make Your Own Lip Balm

  • Make yummy fruit balm!
  • Mix and match colours
  • Lolly shape containers included
  • Guide included
  • Age: From 7 years
£8.99 £11.99
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MAGNOIDZ SC281 Make Your Own Lip Balm Kit, Various

  • Make Your Own Lip Balm
  • Learn About Cosmetics
  • This kit will help to stimulate and encourage creativity.
  • Suitable for 12+ Years
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Cath Kidston Beauty Hedgehogs Compact Mirror Lip Balm, 6g

  • Strawberry flavoured lip balm with compact mirror
  • Enriched with carrot seed oil, ginseng root extract, shea butter and Vitamin E
  • Travel-friendly sized product fit ideally into handbags for luxury hand care on the go
  • Suitable for daily usage
  • Designed in England. Certified vegan friendly and cruelty-free
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Wild Science WS55L Lip Balm Factory, Pink

  • Make your own fabulous custom lip balms
  • Melt berry wax beads, cosmetic oils and other ingredients
  • UV sensor beads change colour in sunlight so you can test your balms for sunscreen ability
  • Compact carries 4 balms and a brush, leaf pod stores at least 4 more varieties
  • Unique booklet explores science behind the ingredients
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Alex Toys 795L Mix and Make Up Lip Shimmer Kit, Multi-Colour, 5.08 x 30.48 x 22.86 cm

  • Suitable for scrapbooking
  • Designed for easy usage and storage
  • Suitable for home interiors
£20 £19.99
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FabLab Designer Tie Dye Kit

  • Create the latest cool fashions by adding vibrant and trendy colours to clothes and accessories
  • Contains 4 dyes in applicator bottles, rubber bands and PVC lab gloves
  • There are enough ingredients to dye the equivalent of 5 T Shirts
  • 8 page intruction guide included
  • Just one of the collectable FabLab kits available from Interplay
£9.99 £9.88
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Science 4 You, Lipstick and Lip Gloss Factory with Educational STEM Booklet

  • Make your own glamorous coloured lipsticks and lip glosses
  • Use lipsticks to solve mysteries
  • Recycle lipsticks and learn how to keep your lipsticks healthy
  • Includes everything you need for seven experiments and an educational book
  • Age: 8+
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The Raw Chocolate Company Organic Virgin Cold Pressed Cacao Butter 240g

  • Cacao butter is the edible fat extracted from the raw cacao bean
  • A delicious ingredient in raw chocolate and dessert making
  • Great on porridge
  • It has a lovely 'chocolaty' aroma
  • Raise your meal up to a sumptuous, silky treat
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