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Crayola Crayons 24-Count

  • High quality guaranteed
  • Manufacturer's recommended age 1+
  • Official Crayola item
£6.99 £4.99
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Crayola - 24 Crayons Assorted Colours

  • Brand: Crayola
  • Pack Size: 24
  • Product Type: Crayons
2nd Place:
£1.99 £0.89
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Crayola - 8 Jumbo Crayons Assorted Colours

  • 8 Jumbo Crayons
  • Manufacturer's recommended age 1+
  • Official Crayola item
£3.18 £1.25
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Last change:11/03/2020


  • Twist up the fun with this pack coloured pencils
  • Designed to last, no need to sharpen or peel
  • With 40 vibrant colours you will be spoilt for choice
3rd Place:
Last change:23/06/2019

CrayolaTwistables Crayons, Pack of 12 - Multicolour

  • 12 twistable crayons
  • 12 colours
  • Crayons that never need sharpening
  • Simply twist
  • Ages 3+
£3.89 £2.79
Last change:06/03/2020

CRAYOLA Silly Scents Twistables Mini Crayons, Multicoloured, 15.49 x 12.44 x 1.27 cm

  • Suitable for home interiors art works
  • Acid Free
  • Designed for easy usage
£4.48 £4.43
Last change:02/10/2019
£4.18 £3.58
Last change:11/03/2020
Last change:11/03/2020

CRAYOLA; Twistables; Colored Pencils; Art Tools; 30 Count; Bright Bold Colors; Great for Adult Coloring

  • Twistables Colored Pencils require no sharpeners-just twist up the barrel for a new tip
  • Perfect art tools for projects and adult coloring
  • Clear plastic barrels prevent breakage and show amount of color left
  • Nontoxic
  • 30 vibrant colors
£12.52 £11.46
Last change:02/10/2019
First available:19/09/2009

Twistables Coloured Pencils x 10

  • 10 Crayons in clear wallet
  • No sharpening required
  • Twist the end to move the crayon
  • Rainbow colours
  • Clean and easy to use
Last change:02/10/2019

Fun Effect Twistable Crayons 24's & Inspirational Magnet

  • One exclusive magnet with inspiring quote for the desk, fridge or any metallic surface. This is 1 chosen at random from 12 beautiful original designs; Albert Einstein, Theodore Roosevelt, Audrey Hepburn, Winston Churchill and others, collect all 12 for the complete set! You will receive 1 magnet. Note that the quote you receive may vary from that shown in the quote/magnet image.
Last change:02/10/2019
£11.49 £10.81
Last change:11/03/2020
Last change:11/03/2020

CRAYOLA 04-0378-E-000 Twistables Crayon Sketch and Colour Kit

  • A colourful collection of Twistables Crayons and paper
  • handy and durable plastic carry case
  • perfect for on the go colouring
£15.99 £13
Last change:23/06/2019
Last change:02/10/2019

48 Colours Crayons for Toddlers, Shuttle Art Twistable Washable Crayons for Toddlers Kids Children and Students,Non-Toxic Gel Crayons Set with Foldable case,Ideal for Paper Glass and Mirrors

  • Shuttle Art Silky 48 colours Gel Crayons: This set includes 48 washable vibrant colours gel crayons, which are easy to use and perfect for smooth gliding.
  • Kids Friendly: Shuttle Art Gel Crayons are eco-friendly and non-toxic which are ideal for kids, students and adults no matter for coloring, drawing or doodling on dark-colored or light-colored paper as well as glass, mirrors, posters and so much more.It also blends very well ,you can get exceptional vibrant visual results with them.
  • Washable and Twistable: Eco-friendly,easy to wash out. You can remove every smudges from clothes, furniture and glasses even by a damp paper towel. Unique twist-up design reduces breakage of gel inside and remains clean under the protection of plastic shell.
  • Convenient Storage: These crayons are stored in convenient foldable case with individual slots to hold each crayon, so you can always keep them neatly organized and ready for use.It's also a wonderful gift for kids and artist who loves painting by crayons.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Shuttle Art provides more than 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to customers. We will handle and solve all the product' problems immediately for you. If it's still unsatisfactory we will provide full refund.
Last change:11/03/2020

Faber-Castell 120003 Twistable Wax Crayons (Pack of 12)

  • Set of 12 Jumbo Twist Crayons
  • Jumbo crayons color smoothly and brilliantly
  • Twist top to advance or retract crayon
  • No sharpening no mess
£4.99 £4.14
Last change:02/10/2019
First available:10/08/2018

Shuttle Art 24 Colors Gel Crayons, Washable Twistable Non-Toxic Gel Crayons Set for Toddlers Kids and Students, Ideal for Paper Glass and Mirrors

  • Shuttle Art Silky 24 colors Gel Crayons: This set includes 24 washable vibrant colors gel crayons, which are easy to use and perfect for smooth gliding.
  • Kids Friendly, Portable and Easy to Clean: Shuttle Art Gel Crayons are eco-friendly and non-toxic which are ideal for kids, students and adults no matter for coloring, drawing or blending.
  • Variety of usage scenarios : Excellent using experience for either dark-colored or light-colored paper as well as glass, mirrors, posters and etc. Shuttle Art 24 Colors Gel Crayons can show vivid colors on all these surfaces above and more, waiting for you to explore.
  • ngenious Design: Twistable design makes gel sticks retractable. Plastic shell provides shelter for the gel stick, meanwhile reducing breakage. Unique design of pen holding makes your painting more easy and convenient. In addition, flexible and able-to-twist function helps you make no waste.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee:It's safe and suitable for kids. 100% satisfaction guarantee and perfect service. Take action and get yours now!
Last change:02/10/2019

CRAYOLA 52-7408 8PK Twist (Twistable Crayons, Multi-Colour, 20.260000000000002 x 8.99 x 1.19 cm

  • Suitable for home interiors art works
  • Acid Free
  • Designed for easy usage
£7.42 £5
Last change:02/10/2019
First available:28/06/2017

Crayola Scented Mini Twistable Crayon

  • Silly Scents Mini Twistables Crayons
  • infused with 12 flavourful scents and colours to match!
  • Scents include cherry, fruit punch, orange, lemon, green apple, beach, blueberry, cotton candy, grape, licorice, coconut and root beer.
£3.99 £2.98
Last change:02/10/2019

Crayola Twistable Coloured Pencils 24 Pack

  • There are 24 coloured pencils in this pack.
  • They come in an assortment of colours.
  • It is recommended for ages 3-6, but is suitable for all ages.
£14.99 £5.99
Last change:23/06/2019

BIC Kids Turn and Colour Twistable Wax Crayons (Pack of 12)

  • Wax crayon with a twistable sleeve to advance wax
  • Plastic barrel protects the crayon & prevents it from breaking
  • Easy to use twist action
  • Extra clean on hands and fabrics
  • Ideal for children age 3+
£3.9 £7.77
Last change:02/10/2019
First available:01/05/2012

CRAYOLA Silly Scents Twistables Mini Crayons, Multicoloured, 18.79 x 8.38 x 3.3 cm

  • Suitable for home interiors art works
  • Acid Free
  • Designed for easy usage
£8.4 £8.31
Last change:02/10/2019

Scentos 22553 "Scented Twistable Crayons (Pack of 8)

  • Pack of eight Scentos crayons
  • Distinctive fruity scents
  • Twist the base to reveal the crayon
£4.5 £2.49
Last change:02/10/2019

PartyErasers 3 in 1 - Crayon, Pastel and WaterColour 24 Colours Twistable Gel Wax Crayon in Case

  • PartyErasers 3 in 1 - Crayon, Pastel and WaterColour 24 Colours Twistable Gel Wax Crayon in Case
  • Quantity: 1 set
  • Twistable Gel Wax Crayons In 24 Assorted Colours - Non Toxic. Break proof in plastic sleeve. Pack in easy to carry case. Use for craft, drawing, arts - perfect gift to art loving kids.
  • Ideal as gift or rewards!
  • Tub size: 7cm Dia, 15.5cm tall, Crayon length: 13.5cm approximately, Materials: Plastic and non toxic crayons
Last change:02/10/2019

Grafix Twistable Crayons, Pack of 10

  • Draw, colour and create with these fun twistable colouring crayons by Grafix.
  • Comes in a pack of 10, all different colours included.
  • Twist the pen to extend the crayon ready for colouring, great for protecting rub off on hands.
  • Each crayon measures 165mm (6.5') in length and comes with a protective lid. Includes a plastic pouch for storage and easy access.
  • Use on all kinds of colouring books, paper and more.
Last change:03/01/2020

CRAYOLA 24ct Mini Twistables Crayons, Acrylic, Multicolour, 8.89x18.28x3.04 cm

  • Fun new mini size!
  • 24 different brilliant colors!
  • Acid free product
£6.22 £6.21
Last change:02/10/2019

Premier Stationery 51670 World of Colour Twisties Crayon - Multi-Colour (Pack of 24)

  • Premier Stationery World Of Colour Twi sties require no sharpening - simply twist the bottom of the barrel to start colouring.
  • Pack of 24 assorted brilliant colours.
  • Washable.
  • Non Toxic.
  • This is a Premier Stationery branded product.
£9.99 £9.88
Last change:02/10/2019
First available:10/05/2018

Twistable Crayons Push Up & Colour- No Mess Or Sharpening Needed-Great Pack To Enhance Colouring Skills & Kids Art (2)

  • Twist-up mechanism that makes the crayon pop out, enabling easy use and application
  • Plastic pen barrel keeps color off of your fingers
  • Gives precise control over each stroke
  • Pen barrel prevents your crayons from breaking
  • When tips get worn down, just twist them and keep on colouring
Last change:23/06/2019
£10.99 £21.22
Last change:23/06/2019
First available:04/01/2016

CRAYOLA 8 Twistable Extreme Colors Crayons

  • Fantastic bright neon colors will spice up any artwork
  • Twistable technology means no sharpening required
  • Strong plastic barrels help to prevent crayons from snapping
  • Includes 8 bright neon colours
  • Easy to use for any skill level.
£2.49 £6.62
Last change:03/01/2020
First available:03/06/2010

Lebze Non Toxic Crayons , Safe for Toddlers,Kids and Children For 3 Year Plus for Boys and Girls

  • Safe for Kids - Made from non toxic natural wax ,erasable and CPCS they are safe for infants, kids and children of 3+ ages. Contains no -cheap fillers.
  • Durable & Ergonomic Shape - Each crayon is 10.8cm long and 14mm diameter.The unique shape makes them easier for small hands to hold, but much harder for small hands to break!
  • Modern, Vibrant Colors - Let your little ones express their inner artist with non-toxic crayon colors. Never miss the chance to develop your kids' imagination, creativity and independence.
  • Great Children's Gift Idea - When you look for a nice present for the child of a friend or family member, this Crayon is a great gift.It comes with stylish and sustainable packaging.
  • Warranty - Our goal is for you and your baby to be as happy, calm and content as can be! We ensure 100% Satisfaction for you both. You can always return our products if you are not completely and utterly satisfied.
Last change:11/03/2020

Crayola Twistables Sketch and Draw Power Pack (40 piece set)

  • Crayola Twistables Sketch and Draw Power Pack contains all of the colours you need to create awesome, colourful artwork!
  • Pencils, crayons, markers and a graphite pencil are all packed into this handy storage case, which is great for keeping your art supplies organised.
  • The coloured pencils, crayons and graphite pencil are all Twistables, simply twist the bottom of the barrel when your pencil or crayon stars to wear down.
  • This 40 Piece Power Pack is sure to keep your little ones entertained for hours and is a fantastic way to encourage them to be creative.
  • • Contains 20 twistables colored pencils, 15 mini twistables crayons, 4 super tips markers and 1 twistables graphite pencil
£7.99 £11.45
Last change:23/06/2019

CRAYOLA 3 Twistable Graphite Pencils

  • A new twist on standard school pencils
  • Resemble woodcase pencils, but no sharpening is needed
  • Pencils have the same mechanical system as Crayola Twistables colored pencils with latex-free erasers and number 2 HB graphite leads
  • 2mm leads are strong and are less likely to break when writing
Last change:03/01/2020
First available:03/06/2010

6 Colors Face Paint Crayons Face Painting Kits Luminous Crayons for Halloween's Washable Face Paint Twistable Crayons Kit for Kids Costumes for Making up 1 Set

  • BRIGHT COLORS:Our face paint crayon sticks are in 6 vivid colors.This face paint crayon set enables you to create your own ideal work on your face.
  • DESIGN:This face painting kit is in twistable design,which allows you to twist and adjust the suitable length for painting on your body or face.
  • SAFETY: Our face paint for kids is non toxic and safe for using. No Paraben included, dermatologist tested and ingredient approved.
  • OCCASION:Very popular for any special event, such as Easter, Halloween, birthday party, disguise play, Christmas, professional body painting show and so on.
  • EASY TO CLEAN:No worry for mess your hands or cloths after using this children makeup. You can use tissue to clean your hand then wash off with water and soap.
Last change:03/01/2020

123 BABY Play-tec Bath Crayons for Draw, Develop Creativity, Imagination, Scribble and Make Bath Time Fun, Easy Washable Wipe Clean-6 Pack

  • ✔These children's bath crayons can allow your child to enhance their creativity and imagination and help to turn the dreaded bath time into a fun enjoyable game.

  • ✔The crayons non-toxic and are very easy to wipe clean from smooth surfaces such as the bath tub and ceramic tiles. Let your kids create their masterpieces on the bathtub wall!

  • ✔Help your child to develop drawing skills, hand and eye co-ordination from as early as 3 years old, the crayons come in a set of 6 different coloured crayons.

  • ✔No Risk Purchase 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Just try our products baby bath crayons and if you don't absolutely love them let us know and we will refund your purchase price no questions asked! We are so confident you will love our products. You will be amazed at the customer service you receive after the sale! You have nothing to lose so order now.

  • ✔Our Quality Assurance Guarantee: baby bath crayons made of high-quality material, we stand behind the production of all of our products. We've made certain that our crayons manufactured to the highest standards and intentionally chose a superior quality raw material. We're confident you'll love this product.

£1.75 £1.01
Last change:23/06/2019

Crayola Mini Twistables Crayons, 10 Classic Colors Non-Toxic Art Tools for Kids & Toddlers 3 & Up, Great for Kids Classrooms or Preschools, Self-Sharpening No-Mess Twist-Up Crayons

  • Fun, twist-up barrel eliminates the need to sharpen tips or peel labels
  • Plastic barrels encase durable color cores providing extra strength
  • The plastic barrel allows consumer to see how much crayon is left
Last change:03/01/2020

Altsommer 12Packs Face Paint Pens Pencils,Washable Twistable Kit Halloween Makeup Pens Kids Marker Pens Crayon Sticks Set Party Cosplay

  • 🔥Free Shipping FREE UK Delivery🔥
  • 🌹 12 BEAUTIFUL DYNAMIC COLORS (Including Special Gold and Silver) Best Face or Body Paint Crayon Style Stick Pens. Colors include: Gold, Silver, Black, White, Pink, Yellow, Light Blue, Purple, Dark Blue, Green, Orange and Red
  • 🌹 SAFE FOR KIDS. up Face Painting Kit protect from breakage. Broad tip for kids safety use. To draw on fine area, use a damp brush to dip the colors. These are water-based lipstick-like crayon are specially made soft and safe. Unlike markers, this is a great no-mess face coloring for children and adults, professional face painters or beginners.
  • 🌹 VIBRANT COLORS. Removable. Easy to Apply and wash off for children birthday face paints party, festival kids fancy dress costume themed parties, corporate events, prenatal belly paintings, cosplay, role play, Halloween makeup, prime sports, football events, temporary tattoo, child stage theater performance or camo tacticcal game.
  • 🌹 NON-TOXIC. WATER-BASED Washable Face Paint Kit. Kid Safe Hypoallergic, skin friendly, food grade pigmented and FDA Compliant Ingredients. Won't itch, crack or irritate skins. Colors comes off easily with mild soap and warm water.
Last change:11/03/2020

CRAYOLA Mini Twistable Crayons, (24 Colors per case) - Case of 12

  • Fun new size provides more color variety; Mini Twistable come in 24 brilliant colors
  • Fun, twist up barrel eliminates the need to sharpen tips or peel labels
  • Clear vinyl pouch provides re-usable storage
Last change:03/01/2020
Last change:11/03/2020

Crayola Scented Mini Twistable Crayon

  • Silly Scents Mini Twistables Crayons
  • infused with 21 flavourful scents and colours to match!
  • Scents include cherry, strawberry, cinnamon, banana, lime, watermelon, pine, wild berry, fruit smoothie, fresh air, fruit punch, orange, lemon, green apple, beach
Last change:02/10/2019

Crayons Twisters Kids Colouring Pens Markers 12 Colours School Stationery

  • No sharpener needed!
  • Just twist thebottom of the barrel & enjoy
  • Pack of Twisties Crayons in 12 different colours
  • No Toxic. Suitable for 3+
Last change:03/01/2020