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    4YourHome Silent Heat Powered Stove Fan + Free Stove Thermometer Satin, Black

    • 4YourHome heat powered silent stove top environmentally friendly fan made for wood, coal or pellet burning stoves
    • The stove fan is completely self-powered and uses no batteries or mains electricity
    • Improved warm air circulation results in greater comfort and less fuel consumption from your stove. The Japanese motor will ensure that this item is long lasting and delivers excellent results
    • The heat powered stove fan is designed to circulate the warm air created by a wood / coal or pellet burning stove operating with normal surface temperatures between 65°C and 345°C.
    • Fan Colour - Black / Dimensions - Height 235mm x Width 205mm x Depth 100mm

    4YourHome Chrome Debris & Ash Collector Bagless HEPA Vacuum Cleaner - 800w

    • 4YourHome Chrome Debris & Ash Collector Bagless HEPA Vacuum Cleaner - 800w
    • An efficient and effective debris vacuum cleaner, designed specifically for collecting (cool) ash, debris and dust
    • A powerful 800w vacuum with 15L chrome body and dual layer HEPA filtration. Tools include 1m flexi hose, metal suction nozzle and mini extension pipe with on board tool holders for easy storage.
    • Lightweight construction with a powerful motor and low noise 76Db output. Easy to maintain with washable filters and easy to use locking mechanism
    • Perfect for fireplaces, Firepits, Chimneas BBQ's and Smokers. Also great for vacuuming larger dust and debris not suitable for more fragile indoor vacuum cleaners. 1 Year Guarantee included.

    4YourHome Universal Oven Shelf Protectors Rubber Guard Trim to Protect From Burning - 4 Piece Set, 4 x 20cm

    • 4YourHome universal oven cooker shelf rack edge trim protector guards.
    • Easily clips over your oven shelf trim, high-quality rubber guard.
    • Reduces chance of injury due to burning on oven shelf.
    • Pack of 4 x 20cm rubber guards.
    • Withstands temperatures up to 260°C / Gas Mark 10.

    4YourHome Lightweight Mesh Travel Storage Bag for Camping, Caravans & Travelling - Large capacity

    • 4YourHome lightweight mesh travel storage bag for camping, caravans & travelers - large capacity
    • An easy way to organise, protect and seperate clean and dirty clothing, personal belongings, or seperate belongings if sharing bag or suitacases
    • This lightweight mesh system allows you to use or carry it without weighing you down or taking up vital space while maintaining strength and capacity
    • Large 50cm x 60cm dimensions but can be folded and stored when not needed
    • Suitable for use in suitcases, backpacks, bag, tents & caravans and more!

    4YourHome Pets Dog Car Van Safety Guard Net Front Or Back Seat Barrier Nylon Mesh

    • 4YourHome Pet car vehicle safety net barrier
    • A great way of keeping your pets safe and secure while on the road
    • Creates a casual but effective barrier between front & back car seats
    • Includes multiple fitting options - includes s-hooks & gutter hooks
    • Dimensions when laid out - Width 100cm x Height 80cm

    4YourHome Magnetic Fire Stove Flue Thermometer, Black

    • 4YourHome magnetic stove flue pipe thermometer gauge
    • Magnetic flue pipe thermometer with an additional hook to attach to your burner flue with minimal fuss
    • Helps to control room temperature and aid fuel efficiency
    • An ideal addition to any wood fire, coal, or multi fuel burners
    • 3 performance zones highlight the best permformance temperatures and the best refueling temperatures

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