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Last updated: 05 Jan 2020, 21:00
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    Grand Line Reflective Climbing Rope Slip Lead Pets Leash for Small, Medium, Large and Extra Heavy Dogs and Cats - 1.5m Long

    • Our pet leash with rope slip is designed for active pets during training, walking, jogging, hiking, on the beach, or wherever full control is necessary.
    • Rope slip design allows for quick and gentle adjustments with leather and metal slides to adjust collar for any size neck.
    • Reflective stitching and braiding increases visibility for activities in low light conditions.
    • Made in a variety of sizes for small, medium, or large pets. Choose the appropriate rope diameter for your pet.
    • Flexible and strong nylon can withstand sudden movements.

    Grand Line Dog Collar Adjustable Neoprene Padded Leather Available in 4 Sizes & 1 Color, Brown

    • Comfortable to Wear - The inside of the collar is lined with soft padding for extra comfort to protect your dog's neck.
    • 4 Sizes Available- Choose the right collar for your tiny pup or giant dog. Measure to determine the best size collar for your dog. For the Size Chart, please refer to Image 3.
    • Practical Design- Attach dog tags, pendants or accessories with the built-in ring.
    • Sturdy Material - PU Leather + Neoprene lead to better resistance from wear and won't scratch your hand or collect dog hair.
    • Additional Gift - Comes with a hole puncher to adjust for ideal size for your puppy at different ages.

    Grand Line Dog and Pet Paw Protector Boots - Size XXL - Waterproof, Wear-Resistant, Anti-Slip Sole - Set of 4

    • Paw Protection - Keep paws dry, clean and warm. No more cleaning up muddy pawprints or sandy trails after days in the rain, snow, or beach.
    • Anti-slip soles - High quality rubber soles provide friction and stability to avoid slipping indoors or outdoors.
    • Built for the elements - Protect paws from heat, rubble, sharp rocks, hot pavement, grassland, snow, and puddles.
    • Made with care - Neoprene and cotton shell provides maximum comfort, while rubber soles withstand rugged conditions. The adjustable Velcro strap ensures a tight fit.
    • Sizes - Please measure your dog's paw and refer to the Size Chart in Image 2. If the paw is of in-between size, select the closer one.

    Grand Line Double Leash Dog Walker Coupler Adjustable with Nylon Webbing Heavy Duty for One & Two Medium, Large Dogs - 1.8m Long, Dark Blue

    • Reliable - The clip hook is solid, durable and easy to clip for security and safety.
    • Strong Fabric - The leash is made with nylon, which is soft and durable for a coupler leash.
    • Suitable Length - 1.8m long is the perfect length to give them enough independence from one another yet easy for you to stay in control.
    • Versatile - Perfect for walking, jogging, backpacking, camping, hiking or wherever full control is necessary.
    • Note: The 1.0cm wide diameter and heavy duty hardware works for medium and large dogs. Not recommended for small dogs.

    Grand Line Cat Kitten Scratching Pad Cardboard Lounge 40 x 35 x 2cm

    • Creative Cats - Cats can enjoy this not only as a scratcher, but as a cat massager, cat toy, and cat bed!
    • Wallet with Nine Lives - Double-sided cat scratching pad means double the value! Flip it upside down after one side is ripped to shreds.
    • Fur What It's Worth - For small cats and kittens, separate the board down the middle for twin scratchers!
    • Live to Tell the Tail - Included stickers prevent cardboard from falling through the scratcher when it's all said and done.
    • Up to Scratch - Densely packed corrugated cardboard is tightly compressed and will hold up to playfully aggressive cats.
    Grand Line Cat Kitten Scratching Pad Cardboard Lounge 40 x 35 x 2cm

    Grand Line Waterproof Reusable Warm Rain Shoe Covers with Anti-Dirty Full Protection Overshoes Designed for Men and Women

    • Full Protection - These reusable rain shoe covers are made from 100% premium PVC. The durable material protects your shoes and feet from water, dirt, or dust. An extra layer of PVC is sewn behind the zipper to ensure better protection and less water seeping into your shoes.
    • For Comfort and Safety - The elastic strap not only fully protects your shoes and trousers from getting wet, but also makes them comfortable to wear. The covers always keep a tight and comfortable fit. Reflective triangles on the heels and non-slip soles ensure your safety during a rainy night.
    • Portable and Convenient - They are lightweight and fold easily. You can carry them in your bags or store them in your office or in your locker. The wide, convenient full-length side zipper ensures that putting them on and taking them off is simple and easy.
    • Versatile - The waterproof rain shoe covers are perfect for cycling, motorcycling, household, office, walking in the park on a rainy day and any other outdoor activities. Keep your shoes and feet dry and warm all day!
    • Note - Please read the size chart and check your size before buying. If you use sports shoes, it is recommended to size up.

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