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    Sensory Weighted Lap Pad for Kids 5 pounds - Great Weighted Lap Blanket for Kids with Autism, ADHD, and Sensory Processing Disorder - Classroom and Special Education Supplies

    • HELP YOUR CHILD STAY CALM AND FOCUSED IN CLASS ★ Does your child struggle to focus? Do you need to address sensory needs during travel or in the classroom? Our weighted lap pad for children is the perfect fidget toys for the classroom helping your child feel calm and grounded in stressful and sensory overload situations.
    • DESIGNED WITH YOUR CHILD IN MIND ★ Not only is the compression of the weighted feel comforting, but the dotted fabric is also a great input. Our weighted sensory blanket for the lap is the softest option on the market with functional features that allows it to be incorporated in any environment.
    • MADE TO LAST BACKED WITH A LIFETIME GUARANTEE ★ The sensory lap pad is made from soft, minky fabric and stitched with tough playtimes and tantrums in mind. We believe so much in our sensory toys for autism that we offer a lifetime guarantee. If you're not satisfied, we aren't either!
    • PORTABLE SENSORY PROCESSING DISORDER THERAPY ★ Take a portable fidget pad on car rides or pack with your little one's sensory equipment for school for on-the-go therapy. The lap weighted blanket can make trips out more enjoyable for everyone by providing a fidget toys for anxiety to your little one.
    • 1% OF SALES GOES TO THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON AUTISM CLINIC ★ Thank you for giving back with your purchase! A Harkla fidget toy is the gift that keeps on giving!

    Harkla Hanging Chair Sensory Swing for Kids - Includes Hardware - Great as a Hanging Pod Swing, Autism Swing or Therapy Swing

    • EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE ★: Parents are raving about the hours of calm their children get in Harkla's sensory swings! Our swings for children provide comfort from the inflatable compartment plus a proprioceptive input from the swinging motion.
    • SAFE FOR YOUR CHILD ★: The kids pod swing holds up to 150 lbs and is made of strong material so it will last a long time. Feel confident in the kids indoor swing as your child plays with their favorite autism toy.
    • All HARDWARE INCLUDED ★: We know that as soon as you receive your kids basket swing, your little one will want to get started on playtime. That's why the child swing chair indoor comes with ceiling hooks, screws, adjustable strap, carabiner, and an air pump for quick set up.
    • CALMING EFFECT ON CHILDREN ★: The perfect calming tool for children with sensory processing disorder. The sensory swing for autism addresses an individual's proprioception seeking with a swinging input. Read the reviews to see parent testimonials about the benefits of owning a hammock chair swing.
    • LIFETIME GUARANTEE ★: We believe in our products so much that your purchase comes with a lifetime money-back guarantee. If you aren't satisfied with the kids swing, we aren't satisfied either!

    Harkla Hug (120cm or 48in) - Inflatable Pod for Children with Sensory Needs - Great Sensory Equipment for Ages 2 to 6 - Occupational Therapy Tools, Sensory Chair

    • PERFECT FOR CHILDREN AGES 2 YEARS - 6 YEARS OLD ★ If your child has autism or sensory processing disorder, this product is right for your family. The sensory bag chair creates the perfect experience for your child's downtime. Watch them relax and play with their favorite sensory toys for autism children.
    • YOUR CHILD'S NEW FAVORITE RELAXATION SPOT ★ Does your child struggle to find a comfortable spot to calm down and stay calm? The sensory pod offers the right mix of deep pressure and sense of security to calm your child and creates an environment to interact with other autism toys.
    • GREAT FOR SENSORY INPUT ★ The kids bean bag will benefit sensory kids who need deep pressure therapy. Similar to an autism squeeze machine, the inflatable toddler bean bag chair applies deep touch pressure for relief. This kids inflatable pod chair is an excellent addition to a sensory room!
    • BUILT-IN ROCKING STIMULATION ★ Doubles as a rocking sensory chair. The bottom inflates creating a rocking motion as a secondary children sensory input.
    • COMFORTABLE, DURABLE AND EASY TO USE ★ We make our sensory products with your family in mind. That's why the Harkla Hug comes with an electric pump making inflating your child's cocoon fast and easy! We've also made the sensory pea pod out of comfortable, yet strong flocked vinyl. It feels like velvet to the skin, but will hold up during playtime.

    Harkla Extra Weights for Weighted Compression Vest, 2lbs (4, ¼ lb Weights & 2, ½ lb Weights)

    • EXTRA WEIGHTS Harkla's weighted compression vest has pockets for added weights. This package includes 6 weights for a total of 2 pounds of weight. (4, ¼ lb & 2, ½ lb).
    • VEST DESIGNED WITH YOUR CHILD IN MIND We designed our weighted compression vest for each environment and child. That's why we include slots for additional weight to be added according to the little one's need.
    Harkla Extra Weights for Weighted Compression Vest, 2lbs (4, ¼ lb Weights & 2, ½ lb Weights)

    Harkla Kids Weighted Blanket (3.2kgs or 7lbs) - Great for Sensory Seekers - Weighted Blanket for Children Weighing 18.5 to 32-kilograms - Price Includes Duvet Cover & Weight

    • EASY TO WASH & DRY★ With our 2-piece duvet style removable cover, this childrens weighted blanket makes it easy to remove the top layer to wash & dry at home. Our weighted blanket for children stays soft through washing, making this a truly premium sensory compression blanket.
    • LIFETIME GUARANTEE★ We think we have the best weighted blankets for kids on the market. But we know it's not for everyone. That's why unless you are 100% satisfied with your weighted blanket child, we aren't satisfied either.
    • THE PERFECT GIFT FOR YOUR CHILD'S BEDROOM★ Would your child love an autism weighted blanket? We have the gravity blanket for kids. New & improved with stitching all the way through for an even weighted feel + fluffy cotton for extra comfort & coziness
    • GREAT FOR SENSORY INPUT★ Not only is the compression comforting, but the soft plush minky fabric is also a great input with this stress and anxiety blanket. We've even added dots on top for extra sensory input. It's a great weighted sensory blanket for seekers.
    • THE SENSE OF CALM YOUR KID HAS BEEN LOOKING FOR★ Our sensory blanket is great for the bed or the classroom. The soft minky blanket has three inputs for sensory seekers - weight, dotted fabric, and soft material. Read all the great reviews parents have posted from using sensory blankets for children.

    Harkla Weighted Compression Vest for Children (Ages 2 to 4) Weighted Vest for Kids Helps with Mood, & Sensory Overload

    • PERFECT FOR CHILDREN 2 - 4 YEARS ★ The Harkla kids weighted vest applies much-needed pressure to sensitive areas of the body. Be sure to measure your child before purchasing. Buy the next size up if your child is at the high end for measurements.
    • COMFORTABLE, BREATHABLE, AND DURABLE ★ Made out of soft neoprene and breathable mesh, the weighted vest autism is made to last and can be worn comfortably without getting too hot. Easy to adjust with velcro and has pockets for added weights (6 weights for a total of 2 pounds of weight come included with purchase: 4, ¼ lb & 2, ½ lb).
    • HELPS CHILDREN FEEL SECURE AND FOCUSED ★ If your child has autism or sensory processing disorder, this autism vest is right for your family. The sensory vest makes for a perfect partner for when your little one is feeling overloaded. Watch your child relax and find focus in this sensory pressure vest.
    • CALMING INPUT FOR SENSORY PROCESSING DISORDER ★ This weighted vest kids is perfect for those seeking deep pressure sensory stimuli. Children with autism, ADHD, and sensory processing disorder will benefit from the weighted compression vest.
    • PERFECT FOR THE CLASSROOM OR DURING TRAVEL ★ Our autism weighted vest is completely portable. Add it to your child's school sensory toolbox and bring it on car rides to improve travel for your little sensory seeker.
    Harkla Weighted Compression Vest for Children (Ages 2 to 4) Weighted Vest for Kids Helps with Mood, & Sensory Overload

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