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    Meta-U Women Flower Elastic Wide Waist Belt (black bow & white bow)(Size: one size)

    • SIZE (APPROX.) - Total length without stretching (includes bow/flower): 26 in (66 cm). Max. stretch up to 30 in (76 cm) for a comfortable fit. As the waist size may vary among same size lady, please measure around your natural waistline to check if the belt fits you. Belt width: 2.4 in (6cm). Size of Bow/Flower part: length: 5.5 in (14 cm), width: 3.5 in (9 cm).
    • TIMELESS STYLE - This bow belt is a perfect adorable dresses addition which may not follow fashion trends closely, but it is absolutely timeless waist-accenting accessory with which you can dress up your look. A-line, wrap, sheath or halter etc., to be creative on what you will wear with it.
    • SECURE CLOSURE - As a belt wearer, there was an awkward memory as some belt buckle/clasp kept popping off every two minutes, and you have to close it again and again. This belt snaps on with two strong metal popper buttons to keep the belt stay secure.
    • CUSTOM FIT - It may be not as ritzy as a top-end leather belt, but the stretchy elastic will make the belt easily expand to fit larger waists and make the fit custom.

    Meta-U 2pcs Useful Wide Stretchy Head band

    • Useful Stretchy head band Alice band
    • Keep your fringe out of face
    • Comfortable wear and simple design for versatile use
    • Ideal for holding hair back when applying or removing Make up
    • Useful stretchy can fit any size adult head

    Meta-U- Canvas Belt- Web Belt- Military Style- Zinc Alloy Buckle- Easy Adjustment- Sturdy and Versatile- for Jeans | Chinos | Weekday Suits- 1 Pcs

    • BRILLIANT CHOICE- Unlike leather or nylon belt which make you sweat in a hot weather, our webbing belt is made of soft canvas. The fabric is heavy duty and more along the lines of military webbing than an ordinary canvas belt, which has better air permeability and is durable over years.
    • STURDY AND VERSATILE BUCKLE- Made of tough zinc alloy, the buckle is scratch-resistant and easy to use. Just place the belt in the permanent hold point and press the catch down - - - done! What's more, the buckle of this belt doubles as a bottle opener!
    • FINER ADJUSTMENT- No pin and hole to line up just pull to required tightness and lift clasp to undo. It's easy to swap buckles and allows you to cut belt down to a smaller size if necessary.
    • EASY-MATCH- No outfit is complete without the right belt. Our web belt works well with jeans, chinos and weekday suits, making it an incredibly versatile piece. And it's tough enough to outlast most of your wardrobe and look good doing it.
    • PHYSICAL PARAMETERS- Dimension: length: 110cm( metal buckle) *Suitable for waistline below 90cm(36in); belt width:3.8cm(1.5in); belt thickness: 0.4cm(0.2in); buckle width:4cm(1.6in). Material: belt: canvas; buckle: zinc alloy. Package include: 1 belt.

    Meta-U- Weekly Pills Dispenser- Smart Pill Organizer- 4 Compartments For Each Day-Easy Open Clear Lid- Odourless- With Pouch- For Mints | Vitamins | Tablets | Beads- 1 Set

    • MISSING DOSAGE NO MORE- Comes in seven really bright colored boxes, each divided into four sections and then they all fit into a tray to make a week. The boxes have very clear labels with each day of the week, then each square in each box has morning, noon, evening and bedtime printed very clearly. Missing dosage is now a thing of the past with Meta-U pill case!
    • COMPLIMENTARY POUCH- Comes with a pouch so if you drop it or bang them open somehow at least everything will still be in the pouch. You can take a days-worth to work and not worry about spilling them into your bag or losing them.
    • "HAVE I TAKEN THE PILL?"- It's very easy to forget if the pill had been taken. With a clear lid which is easy to open and close with one hand for most people, it's very clear if you have forgotten to take a particular set of tablets. Now, if you are at all unsure, you have only to look at the appropriate compartment in the box to verify whether you have taken them or not.
    • SPACIOUS USEFUL- Neat and compact daily pill boxes that fit into your small handbag for a day out, or use them for when you are travelling and makes life a bit easier. Brilliant idea definitely helps you take all pills when due.
    • PHYSICAL PARAMETERS- Dimension: Tray:20cm(7.9in)long *6cm(2.4in)wide; Each compartment: 2.8cm(1.1in)long *2.6cm(1in)wide *2.5cm(1in)deep. *Each compartment holds about 20 pcs of average pills, eg.: round tablet which is 0.3cm(0.12in)in diameter and 1.2cm(0.47in) in thickness. Material: PP+PS plastic, no chemical smell. Package include: 1 set of pill case, 1 pouch.

    Meta-U - Eco-Friendly 6 Slots Pill Case -Wheat Stalk Material- Tablet Holder - Compact and Portable - for Pills | Supplements | Earrings | Pendants | Cards - 1 Pcs (Blue)

    • ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL- Made of natural wheat stalk with hot pressing technics, the pill box has natural stalk exterior and wheat aroma. With no heavy metals such as lead or chromium, it will decompose spontaneously in soil and does no harm to environment.
    • SEAL PILLS TIGHT- This pill box folds over to seal itself with the latch. BUT, it also seals each individual column on the inside with their own strong plastic lids and easy-to-use clasps, and there is rubber ring around the cap. That means no mixing up of pills should your box be inverted.
    • VERSATILE ORGANIZER- You can not only keep tablets with this pill organizer but also small earrings, pendants or tea. The compartment cover pops out, which makes the outer box a container for cards and you can give the inside a good cleaning every few weeks.
    • A MUST HAVE FOR ON-THE-GO -If you are going to travel or a walking pharmacy, taking several pill bottles could be annoying. Being compact and portable, this pill box comes in handy for that. It's palm size and only 3.5cm(1.4in) thick when folded, so you keep it in purse and it's made it a lot less bulky.
    • PHYSICAL PARAMETERS- Dimension: 11cm(4.3in)long x 6.3cm(2.5in)wide x 3.5cm(1.4in)thick. Material: Grain fiber. Package include: 1 pill box.
    Meta-U - Eco-Friendly 6 Slots Pill Case -Wheat Stalk Material- Tablet Holder - Compact and Portable - for Pills | Supplements | Earrings | Pendants | Cards - 1 Pcs (Blue)

    Meta-U Extra Large Elegant Hair Bun Ring - Best For Long Thick Hair - Bring Neat Up Do Hair Doughnut - Quick and Easy - Diameter 5.5 Inch | Brown

    • FOR LONG THICK HAIR - We would recommend that one has hair length three-four inches past her shoulder to use this hair donut with perfect inner circle and outer circle, which could create a best-looking hair bun. Next time your friends ask you how you made such an amazing hair bun, don't let them know you have this secret hairstyle tool.
    • ELEGANT, NEAT, TIDY - Easy to use: gather hair within the donut, then wrap hair and fasten with pins. Hair looks awesome up immediately, neat and trendy, so easy. Time-saver: perfect for busy morning do or a random party, making your hair ready in literally two minutes. Quickly and easily.
    • NYLON MESH MATERIAL - Made from superior no smell pollution-free nylon mesh material, well-made hair bun tool with precision small hole can be easily fixed to your hair. It is right fit your head and will not grab your hair very tight so you won't feel uncomfortable when wearing it. The material is soft and the mesh is thick and durable.
    • FOR ANY OCCASION - Beautiful hair bun is perfect for special occasions, like wedding, formal dances, military uniforms or ballet, but the basic hair bun is also worn for everyday casual wear. Bring you classy up do, a really good size bun shape which stays up all day & night, for both casual and formal occasion, such as party, dating, wedding, yoga, running, dancing.
    • SIZE (APPROX.) - Diameter: 14 cm / 5.5 in. Height: 6.5 cm / 2.6 in. Weight: 40 g / 1.4 oz. Material: nylon.

    Meta-U 5pcs Plastic Foldable Scalable Travel Clothes Hanger

    • Brand new, Material: ABS, durable and light weight
    • Firmly fixed by screw at the turning point
    • Best helper for traveling, save your suitcase space and easy to carry
    • Scalable adjusted design and will be suitable for various sizes of clothes
    • Strong enough to hold up to 4.5kg

    Meta-U 2pcs Stretchable Tubular Skull Face Mask Motorcycle Biker Snowboards

    • A MUST-HAVE ACCESSORY: Cycling, Backpacking, Hiking, Camping, Skiing, Climbing, Fishing, Hunting, Jogging, Yoga, Motorcycling, Tennis etc. for men, women, child, teen, adult in any outdoor activity.
    • EXPERIENCE MULTI-FUNCTION: A bandana, scarf, beanie, balaclava, headband, wristband, helmet-liner, muffler, neck gaiter, dust screen or hair band, what ever you like. You can even invent your own style. (Package attached with Meta-U wear instructions.)
    • VIVID SKULL DESIGN: The skull perfectly adapt to the natural shape of human's face when used as a face mask. Offering an awesome frightening visual impact in your costume party or outdoor activity. SPECIAL 2PCS PACKAGE: First, Less unit price; Second, Function as arm sling in accident; Third, Function two purposes at the same time, for example: one for the bottom of the face, one for the top of the head.
    • FEEL THE ULTIMATE COMFORT: 1. Extremely soft, skin-friendly; 2. Free breathable yet keep you warm; 3. Completely cut wind, dust and UV off; 4. Light weight and no pressure points; 5. Absorb sweat and ventilate; 6. Machine washable and dries in minutes.
    • Come with Meta-U's gift-special QR Codes Sticker: scan it and upload your voice/image/words messages when you give someone presents; just stick the codes on, convey your feelings with your presents together to your friends. Make a memory not fade away for your presents & Keep the mind forever & Look back the scene that time some day. (Not includes fulfillment by Amazon)

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