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    Proworks Performance Stainless Steel Sports Water Bottle | Double Insulated Vacuum Flask for 12 Hours Hot & 24 Hours Cold Drinks - Great for Home, Work, Gym & Travel - 500ml - BPA Free - Metallic Red

    • KEEP YOUR DRINKS HOT FOR 12 HOURS OR COLD FOR 24 HOURS - The perfect insulated water bottle for piping hot AND ice cold drinks. This is all thanks to double steel-walled insulation and a vacuum sealed cap. Fantastic for tea, coffee & soup as well as iced mineral water, energy drinks, still or fizzy fruit juice and protein shakes. A wide mouth makes it easy to add ice cubes - and they even work in hot cars!
    • TOUGH & LIGHTWEIGHT - Designed for life, these water bottles boast a premium quality, stainless steel build. It makes them much more durable than glass based vacuum flasks - and better able to handle a knock or drop when on the move. Lightweight, leak-proof and easy to carry, this water bottle is the ideal drinking companion for jogging, walking, cycling, triathlon, camping, fishing trips and more.
    • TOXIN FREE AND COMPLETELY SAFE - Worried about chemical contamination? Buy this sports water bottle for complete peace of mind. It's made entirely from completely hygienic, food-grade stainless steel. This means it's 100% BPA and phthalate-free - making it completely safe for all the family, including small children.
    • DESIGNED TO BE ADMIRED - Forget 'same old' travel flasks or cheap-looking gym water bottles. Featuring super-sleek lines and a chic, glossy metal finish, these versatile sports & travel accessories are made to make a statement! Available in a range of funky colours, they look equally at home on your office desk, on the train, at your health club and on the go. Ideal for men, women, and kids. They also make a fantastic gift for any occasion.
    • EASY CARE - Completely corrosion-proof with a non-scratch finish, these bottles are built to give you many years of dependable usage - with zero hassle and no loss of quality. To clean the water bottle rinse out and dry thoroughly after use (not dishwasher or microwave safe). Large Capacity: 1 litre water bottle, Dimensions: 32 x 9cm. Medium Capacity: 750ml, Dimensions: 31 x 8cm. Small Capacity: 500ml, Dimensions: 26.5 x 7.1cm. Extra Small Capacity: 350ml, Dimensions: 21.7 x 7.1cm.

    Proworks Resistance Bands | Set of 4 Heavy Duty Fitness Exercise Bands - Includes Workout Booklet - Home and Gym Loop Resistance Bands for Legs and Glutes, Arms, Physio, Pilates, Yoga, and Strength

    • Premium resistance bands from Proworks, designed to provide a superior self-resistance method of exercise in order to effectively build muscle mass. Suitable for both men and women of all ages.
    • A set of four resistance bands are included, each providing a different level of resistance; enabling you to effectively tailor your exercise routine depending on your strength, ability, and comfort.
    • A versatile and adaptable exercise tool, a resistance band can be used for a variety of purposes including strength training, improving general fitness, aiding with mobility, and recovering from injury.
    • Includes a convenient carrying bag, allowing you to transport the exercise band set easily for both home and gym use, and a Proworks workout guide, showing detailed guides for a variety of exercises.
    • Each band measures 31cm x 7.5cm when slack and each colour represents a different level of resistance.

    Proworks Large Padded Yoga Mat with Carry Handle for Pilates/Exercise/Gymnastics - Black

    • Improve your health, fitness and wellbeing with these thick, cushioned exercise mats from Proworks; perfect for yoga, gymnastics, Pilates, stretching, abdominal exercises and general workouts.
    • Made from premium quality latex-free, phthalate-free NBR foam, these padded workout mats are specially designed to provide optimal comfort and support during your exercise routines.
    • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these durable yoga mats are easy to set up, quick to unroll and most importantly, stay flat on the floor with no curling of the edges.
    • A convenient strap holder is also included to ensure your mat is kept tightly wrapped up, which combined with the lightweight design of the mat, makes storage and transport much easier.
    • Dimensions: 183cm Length ¦ 60cm Width ¦ 1cm Height.

    Proworks Leak-Proof Water Bottle | Fast Flow Swing Top Sports Flask ideal for Running, Cycling, Hiking & More | BPA-Free Tritan Plastic Drinks Bottle - 0.5 Litre (18oz) - Light Blue

    • REUSEABLE LEAKPROOF PLASTIC BOTTLE: Premium plastic adults and kids water bottle from Proworks; featuring a screw-tight lid with watertight seal and a hinged, flip-top cap. It's everything you need for a reliable, reusable drinks container.
    • ONE HANDED OPENING: Push the button to release the cap for instant access to your drink. It's ideal to use as a travel flask or sports bottle, great for a quick drink on the move. The button features an attached safety lock to stop the bottle opening accidentally in your bag.
    • BPA FREE WATER BOTTLE: Completely safe sports water bottle, made from 100% BPA-free, food-grade Tritan plastic. Odour & toxin-free. Features a stylish, scratch-resistant, frosted finish.
    • SUITABLE FOR VARIOUS DRINKS: Makes for an excellent water bottle, juice bottle, smoothie bottle, or for pop, milk, protein shakes and more. Crack-resistant - so you don't have to worry about leaks or spills.
    • CUP HOLDER AND BIKE CAGE COMPATIBLE: Capacity - 0.4L | Diameter - 68mm | Height (including lid) - 195mm. Capacity - 0.5L | Diameter - 65mm | Height (including lid) - 230mm. Capacity - 1L | Diameter - 75mm | Height (including lid) - 280mm. Dishwasher safe. Includes wrist strap and ml / oz measuring lines.

    Proworks Microfibre Towel, Quick Dry Gym Towel with Travel Bag, Ultra-Light Beach Towel, Space-saving Microfibre Hair Towel, Sports Towel for Men, Women & Children, XX Large - Pink

    • TIME TO DITCH YOUR BULKY COTTON TOWELS: With its amazing fast drying design, the Proworks microfibre towel can absorb up to 7 times its weight in liquid. Each towel can fold to a fraction of its rolled-out size to fit in the handy travel bag included. Light, bobble-free and soft to the touch, these are the only towels you'll ever need!
    • QUICK DRY TOWEL: DRY OFF IN AN INSTANT! Ideal for rapid hair drying at the outdoor swimming pool, gym shower, spa or sauna, a square inch on each microfiber towel holds close to 200,000 fibres. You can dry off with no friction, frizz, fuzz, lint or hair breakage. There's even a small elastic hook for hanging it out to dry.
    • THE PERFECT TRAVEL TOWEL: Supplied with a handy drawstring waterproof carry pouch, this microfibre towel is ideally sized for your gym bag. It's also perfect for family holidays, going camping, backpacking and wardrobe storage. For the kids, mum & dad, fit multiple towels in your suitcase and pack within airline size & weight limits.
    • SUPER SOFT FOR ALL THE FAMILY: Antibacterial and hypoallergenic, the Proworks microfibre towel dries off three times faster than a regular towel - so it doesn't develop damp washing smells. Giving you luxury softness and smoothness against the skin, it delivers drying comfort and speed for children and adults alike.
    • SIZE INFO: Proworks portable microfibre towels are machine washable with detergent and tumble dryer safe (avoid fabric conditioner). Each towel folds down amazingly. For instance, the giant XXXL 200 x 100cm towel fits in a carry pouch that's just 30cm x 9cm! Other sizes: XXL 180 x 90cm, XL 150 x 80cm, L 140 x 70cm.

    Proworks Lower Back Support Belt | Lumbar Support Brace for Exercise, Sports & Work - Unisex - Extra Large

    • Premium quality back support belt from Proworks; designed to provide effective pain relief for the lower back by reducing pressure in the affected areas; ideal for a hernia, sciatica, scoliosis, osteoporosis and general lumbar pain.
    • In addition to providing relief for existing symptoms, a good back support belt can help prevent injury from occurring in the first place by helping you achieve proper form and posture during your exercise workout, at work, or in general day to day life.
    • Made from a combination of neoprene and polyester, these Proworks back support belts are strong, comfortable and long lasting; with a breathable elasticated mesh back panel that fits comfortably around your lower back to provide superb lumbar support.
    • Features a slim, discrete design and secure, adjustable straps that allow the Proworks back support belt to be worn under clothing; making it perfect for normal everyday use.
    • Waist Size: 31" - 44" (80cm - 110cm). Hand wash only.

    Proworks Ladies Fingerless Gym Gloves | Padded Weight Lifting Gloves for Women - Ideal as Cycling Gloves or for Lifting, Training, CrossFit, Rowing, Yoga & More - Black & Pink - Small

    • THE ULTIMATE VERSATILE WORKOUT GLOVES: Made from 70% SBR rubber and DACRON polyester with quality stitching and 5mm padding; these women's gym gloves are suitable for virtually any routine or sport. Use them as weightlifting gloves, bike gloves, pull up gloves, or general exercise gloves.
    • DESIGNED TO MAXIMISE YOUR GRIP: Hook-and-loop fasteners adjust easily to deliver a snug fit, ensuring these mitts stay safely in place; no matter how tough your workout. Meanwhile a textured, rubberised finish means you can keep a firm hold of free weights and other equipment with total confidence.
    • FOR SMOOTHER, CALLUS-FREE HAND: Bike riding, barbell and dumbbell weights, cross trainer handles, and other exercise machines can all take their toll on your hands; causing rough skin, abrasions, and calluses. Thanks to their targeted cushioning, these padded gloves shield your palms, helping you to avoid pain and injury.
    • BREATHABLE AND HYGENIC: Breathable pores on the back of these weightlifting gloves enable heat and moisture to escape; helping keep your hands comfortable during even the most heavy-duty workouts. In busy gyms; these sport gloves also help you avoid the greasy feeling from 'still warm' machine handles that have been used by other people.
    • DIMENSIONS: Small Size - 135mm Length x 80mm Width x 5mm Thickness. Medium Size - 145mm Length x 95mm Width x 5mm Thickness. See our sizing chart to get the right size for you. Machine Washable. Allow to air dry.

    Proworks Plantar Fasciitis Compression Socks (Pair), Night Splint Alternative & Open-Toe Foot Sleeve for Targeted All-Day Heel, Sole & Ankle Pain Relief, Recovery & Protection - Small - Black

    • Targeted relief compression stockings to reduce and help prevent plantar fasciitis symptoms. Arch compression & under-foot cushioning delivers pain-relieving support for the plantar fascia tendon.
    • Relief from pain & swelling, arthritis, DVT and varicose veins. Targets 7 foot structure points with graduated levels of compression to help with a range of foot complaints and conditions.
    • Elasticated ankle support socks made from 86% nylon and 14% spandex fibre. Latex-free and machine washable. Flexible, lightweight and hard-wearing. Fits snugly to the contours of your foot.
    • Low-profile, open-toe design. Provides foot support without bulky fastenings. Wear on its own or under regular socks.
    • Proworks sizing advice. Small men and women's unisex compression sleeve - foot size UK 3 to 6 / EU 35 - 39 . Two socks included in package. For a larger size, opt for Proworks Compression Socks, Large - UK 7 to 11 / EU 40 - 43.

    Proworks Security Bike Lock | 5-Digit Combination Lock with Galvanized Steel Cable for Road, Mountain or BMX Bicycle - Orange

    • The Proworks combination cycle lock is a secure, convenient and reliable way of keeping bikes safe from theft. It's also useful for securing scooters, lawnmowers and other sport & garden equipment.
    • 5-digit combination bike lock and no separate key required: A resettable 5x 0-9 digit dial provides up to 100,000 possible lock combinations so you can be sure the lock is protected against cracking. Choose and reset your combination as desired!
    • Flexible galvanized steel cable for theft prevention: Long & versatile enough to wrap around the frame and through a wheel at the same time. It offers effective resistance to attack and a deterrent to would-be thieves. A protective PVC cable cover prevents scratches to your bike frame when applying and removing the lock.
    • Supplied with a push-button release clamp: this lets you attach the lock to the frame or seat post of your bicycle for maximum portability.
    • Length: 1.2 metres | Weight: 0.36kg. Tough yet lightweight, this bicycle lock features a self-coiled design, giving you one of the best ways of folding up and stashing the lock in your bag when you're on the move.

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