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    Fit over sunglasses - Fit over glasses | Set of 2 PCS | 2 FOR THE PRICE OF 1| Extra large sunglasses | For driving DAY and NIGHT | Anti UV400 protection sunglasses and Night driving glasses

    • 2 FOR THE PRICE OF 1 - Our kit includes oversunglasses / sunglasses (black lenses) but also over glasses / night vision glasses (yellow lens) for a DAY AND NIGHT USE.
    • PROTECTIVE AND DRIVING SUNGLASSES - During the day, use our pair of over glasses / sunglasses to protect you from UV rays and have better visibility on the road. Overnight change with our pair of night vision over glasses / night vision glasses for improved visibility and reduced glare from white and blinding headlights.
    • COMPATIBLE WITH YOUR SUNGLASSES - our pairs of over glasses are designed to fit over your glasses. No need to buy sunglasses that fit your eyes and can be very expensive. They can also be used directly and according to your desires.
    • DESIGN AND MULTI-PURPOSE - our sunglasses design are at the same time discreet, elegant and modern. They are also very comfortable. Therefore you can also use them for moto, walking, running, cycling and other sports activities.
    • QUALITATIVE - our sunglasses meet European quality requirements CE and ISO12312 and are anti UV400. They block 100% of the sun's harmful rays and ultraviolet.

    ACHATPRATIQUE Lawn mower lifter | Telescopic Lawn mower jack | Space saving 30% compare to others | 900lbs max | NEW

    • EASY TO STORE & TELESCOPIC VERSION -The length can be adjusted from 78CM to 98CM and the height can be adjusted from 5CM to 60CM. You will save 30% storage with our model.
    • EFFORTLESS - Just turn the swindle clockwise without any effort to lift your lawn mower up to 60cm for easy access to the mower undercarriage.
    • COST-SAVING-With this lawn mower lifter, you don't need to call any cleaning or maintenance company, instead you can do it by yourself in your garden. An essential device for any lawn mower owner who wishes to undertake their own maintenance
    • EASY TO SET UP -Very simple and easy to assemble in few minutes only.
    • ROBUST JACK WITH HIGH QUALITY- Suitable for devices up to 400kg or 880 lb. You can easily lift any lawn mower models.

    ACHATPRATIQUE Squatting Potty | Squatting Toilet Stool with Motion Sensor light | Bathroom Step Stool with Motion Activated Night Light | Proper Toilet Posture for Healthier Results

    • SENSOR MOTION ACTIVATED LIGHT: No more blinding lights that make it impossible to fall back asleep. Our squatting potty has a motion-sensor so the light will only be on when necessary. The light is located under the stool which provides enough light so you don't have to turn on the bathroom light in the night. No Wire Needed, money saving and energy saving.
    • EASY ELIMINATION & HEALTHY COLON: Normal seating position will choked your colon and make the release more difficult. When using our Squatting toilet stool, the colon is released by changing the angle from 90 degrees to 35 degrees. It allows you an easier and more effective elimination, and relieve you from constipation, hemorrhoids, bladder, IBS & Bowel disease etc.
    • FOLDABLE FOR EASY STORAGE AND TRANSPORTATION: When not in use, it can be FOLDED UP for portable use and space saving. The folding toilet stool makes squatting easy everywhere.
    • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Our non-slip toilet stool fits any standard toilet height. When not in use, just keep it below your toilets. When you need it, just pull it out and install your feet simply on the bathroom step stool and keep a healthy position.
    • MULTI-FUNCTION: The squatty potty is not only a simple bathroom stool but also excellent for toddler toilet training. Thanks to the led motion sensor design, you can go to the loo in the night without having to switch the light on!

    Solar Light Outdoor | Solar Flickering Flame Lantern | LED Solar Wall Light Wireless Lighting Lamp | Waterproof Wall Mounted Night Lights for Garden Pathways Yard Patio

    • 3 IN 1: The solar flame light comes with stand-up base, ground stake and a wall bracket with screws. You can either just stick on the ground, set up on the table or fix it on the wall.
    • SOLAR POWERED: No worry about wires or battery! The solar panel on top of the device charges the integrated rechargeable battery. Due to the integrated light sensor, the device automatically turns on at dusk and automatically turns off at dawn. Money saving & Energy saving!
    • FLICKERING FLAME DESIGN: The solar flame lantern looks great in the dark with constant flickering, creating a warm, old-fashioned atmosphere. The flickering flame look is a nice addition to your garden or back yard.
    • EASY TO INSTALL: Easy assembly and "no hassle" operation. You can easily install them within only few minutes.
    • WEATHER RESISTANT: This solar product is intended for continuous outdoor operation. With very substantial and solid built design, it withstands all weather condition and corrosion resistance. No more worries about raining, snowing or frosting.
    Solar Light Outdoor | Solar Flickering Flame Lantern | LED Solar Wall Light Wireless Lighting Lamp | Waterproof Wall Mounted Night Lights for Garden Pathways Yard Patio

    ACHATPRATIQUE Shoe Space Saver | Double Shoe Stacker for Closet | Shoe Organizer 10 Piece Set

    • SPACE SAVING -With double shoe rack design, you are able to increase your capacity 50-75%. There help clean up the look of closet and give you more room to increase the number of shoes we can store there.
    • GREAT CLOSET ORGANIZER - Very useful in storing shoes. Those shoe storages will add great organization to your closet and give the closet a more functional feel to it
    • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT - These compact shoe frame has four gears design which can be properly adjusted according to the height of the shoes. Great for flats, sneakers and heels
    • ANTI-SKIED DESIGN - Either the grain on the surface or the clasp at the bottom is designed to keep the shoes from falling down
    • HIGH QUALITY - Green and environment-friendly PP material, non-toxic, durable, super strong bearing

    Memory foam pillow | Cover with Aloe Vera | Hypoallergenic Soft Density Memory foam and Dust Mite Resistant | Foam 40D | Size 60 x 40 x 12 centimeter

    • COMFORTABLE AND ERGONOMIC - the memory foam pillow reduces the pressure of the neck area and perfectly matches the cervical vertebrae
    • WELL-BEING AND SOFTNESS - The pillow case is enriched in Aloe Vera fiber for extreme softness to the touch
    • HYPOALLERGENIC - the pillow is composed of natural soothing materials with anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic properties
    • CONVENIENT FOR TRANSPORTATION - The shape memory has the advantage of adapting to your anatomy and adapting its shape for a minimum footprint. The pillow can be rolled in its transportable bag and will always resume its shape.
    • QUALITATIVE AND SAFE - Our pillows have the OEKO TEX standards which ensure that they do not use harmful substances for the body as well as for the environment.

    Lazy automatic Hand Push sweeper| Sweeping machine without electricity |Mechanical sweeper 114x35cm

    • PRACTICAL AND EASY - this sweeper allows you to sweep efficiently without bending down, without picking up, without leaving the slightest recesses and combining the functions of broom and trash at the same time
    • WITHOUT ELECTRICITY - this hand push sweeper operates as a vacuum cleaner but without electricity, batteries and with only low noise thanks to its rotating brush technology. It swallows dust and other granular garbage.
    • MULTI SURFACE - this sweeper can be used on many surfaces such as wooden floors, tiles, marble or cement.
    • ENVIRONMENTAL - this sweeper is entirely manual and consumes strictly no electricity, emits nothing harmful and conserves energy.
    • QUALITATIVE - this sweeper combines stainless steel and ABS plastic. The length of the broom is 114cm for a width of the cleaning head of 35cm
    Lazy automatic Hand Push sweeper| Sweeping machine without electricity |Mechanical sweeper 114x35cm

    Aluminum Wallet with Power Bank | Aluminum Credit Card Holder with Power Bank | Block RFID | Power Bank 2000 mAh |2 in 1 Card case and Power Bank | Black Color

    • 2 IN 1 - WALLET AND POWER BANK - This aluminum wallet includes a built-in pouch and a rechargeable smartphone charging power bank. It will keeps your money and cards secure! This power wallet & RFID blocking credit card holder is a perfect gift idea for men or ladies, coming in 2 colors, black and silver!
    • PROTECTS YOU AGAINST RFID HACKERS - The aluminum wallet has RFID blocking technology to avoid personal information given off by cards to be stolen, keeping your credit cards protected and your information safe from unauthorized scans and identity thieves!
    • SLIM & LIGHTWEIGHT - The aluminum wallet fits perfectly in your purse or pockets with its 2cm thickness. It can hold 5 cards or 4 cards and few folded bills. A USB 2.0 & micro USB port cord charger is included. Phone charging cord is not included.
    • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL SMARTPHONES INCLUDING ANDROID AND IPHONE - Using the USB output, the 2000 mAh power bank will charge all devices using your own charging cord such as: smartphones, tablets, digital cameras and more. LED lights indicate remaining power level.
    • ENJOY THE CONVENIENCE OF CHARGING YOUR PHONE ON THE GO ANYWHERE - This aluminum wallet eliminates the need to carry your power bank and allow you to take the essentials cards with you. So it works good to give your phone extra bars until you can put it on full charge at home. It is safe, light, sleek looking and small enough to carry around with you anywhere you go!

    ACHATPRATIQUE 12 Travel Roll Up Space Saver Storage Bags |Roll up vacuum bag Travel Vacuum Bags For Suitcases, Holidays, Travelling | No pump Needed | 4 x Large, 4 x Medium, 4 x Small

    • NO VACUUM/PUMP NEEDED- Our roll up vacuum bag is very easy to use! No need pump or vacuum to compress your bag thanks to its countercurrent air technology! You only need to insert the clothes inside, close it then roll it! It never been so easy to compress and seal your bags
    • UP TO 75% SPACE-SAVING- Roll/squash air out of the bag until you have a nice tight little parcel and it will increase your storage space up to 75%. Great for travelling or for when storage space is limited.
    • 3 SIZES AVAILABLE- Please compare the size of the bag before purchase. When most of vendors propose a set of 12 pcs with mostly small size bags inside, we propose a bigger capacity for cheaper price and same quality as follow: x4 small (35x50cm), x4 medium (40x60cm), x4 large(50x70cm).
    • MULTIPLE PROTECTION- Since your bag will be air sealed, the air won't come inside thanks to its double zipper closing. It will keep your clothes safe from bugs, moisture, dirts and smell. Perfect for your luggage, drawers, wardrobe and so on!
    • MULTIPLE USE AND REUSABLE- Not just a space saver but also as an organizer. You can arrange easily your bagpack, luggages and drawers and avoid unnecessary mess! Our bags are made of quality PA+PE material which makes it resistant, durable and reusable! It will Great for holidays, travelling, suitcase, rucksacks, drawer, wardrobe etc.
    ACHATPRATIQUE 12 Travel Roll Up Space Saver Storage Bags |Roll up vacuum bag Travel Vacuum Bags For Suitcases, Holidays, Travelling | No pump Needed | 4 x Large, 4 x Medium, 4 x Small

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