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    Albatros shoe cabinet with seat cushion VINCENT - Walnut - New model with 14 compartments and click system!

    • New model with 14 compartments! The "Vincent" shoe cabinet has very compact dimensions and is still more spacious than the current models. This new version offers space for up to 14 pairs of shoes.
    • Variable click system: You decide the height of compartments. The boards are not just placed on metal pins, but are accurately clicked into place. This prevents them from falling out or moving.
    • Maintains its shape: A thin board has been incorporated into the easy-to-clean upholstery cushion, which maintains the cushion's shape and provides excellent sitting comfort.
    • Feet and groove system: Nearly invisible 3 mm-high feet provide protection from moisture, for example when mopping the floor. The rear wall is not affixed with nails as per usual, but comfortably disappears into a groove.
    • Dimensions: 104 cm X 48 cm X 30 cm (length, height, width) Upholstery thickness: 4 cm

    Albatros Bambineo Protective Underwear Waterproof Large

    • Waterproof protective underwear for washable Bambineo nappies
      Outside made from jersey fabric, 100% polyester microfibre interlock

      Available in the following sizes:
      • S = 3.5-4.5/5 kg
      • M = 5/10 kg
      • L = 10/15 kg
      • XL = + 15 kg
      In an individual packet
      • Wash at 60°
      • Can be used for more than 300 washing cycles

      No need for dry cleaning, bleach, acidic detergent, ironing or fabric softener.
    Albatros Bambineo Protective Underwear Waterproof Large

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