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    AYCORN Child & Baby Safety Proof Magnetic Cupboard Locks, 10 locks & 2 Keys, Easy Install in Seconds, BONUS Instruction Video, Latest Design to Protect Your Kids & Toddlers, No Screws or Drilling

    • EASY FIT! Unlike other brands your baby proofing locks have a specially designed installation adapter and high quality easy follow instructions. They are super quick and simple to fit in just seconds with no need for a tape measure, tools, glue adhesive or guesswork.
    • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE! Powerful mini magnets in our keys means that doors up to 38 mm (1.5") thick can safely be secured better than some other childproofing lock and latch kits. They are perfect for all around the home such as the kitchen, living room, bedroom & bathroom.
    • TOP QUALITY! Your childrens and toddlers locks are made with premium quality materials and are thoroughly tested ensuring long term security of cupboards, cabinets and drawers and your continued peace of mind. Also features a simple 'open / closed' setting for your convenience.
    • NO MESS! Aycorn locks use extra strong 3M self adhesive easy peel tape which means no drills screws or other equipment are required. There is no damage to your furniture or doors and spare tape is provided in the pack so you can easily remove and re-use them in the future.
    • 1 YEAR 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! Love your lock set - or your money back! Not only do you get a 30 day manufacturer warranty but we also offer a 1 year 'no questions asked' replacement guarantee - that's how confident we are you'll love your product.

    Aycorn Digital Baby Bath and Room Thermometer. Fast and Accurate Water Readings with LED Warning Alarm Ensures Your Child's Safety. Cute Floating Bathtub Toy Makes Perfect Bathtime Fun for Infants

    • PEACE OF MIND: As a parent knowing your baby is safe and healthy is the most important thing. Your Aycorn Bath and Room Thermometer removes all guesswork providing ACCURATE and RELIABLE water and air temperatures in seconds ensuring you are never in doubt that your bathtub or nursery is not too hot or cold. It's red LED warning light flashes if the temperature is over 39'c and it also has messages on the display too for extra reassurance.
    • SUPERIOR QUALITY: Made from single piece BPA free gentle silicone plastic with a built in sealed battery all thermometers are WATERPROOF and temperature tested before they leave the factory. They are CE approved and meet all relevant EU safety standards making them suitable for use as both a bathtub thermometer and toy perfect even for newborn babies.
    • EASY TO USE: Simply TAP AND GO! Within 1 second your thermometer quickly begins to monitor and provide you with stable and accurate MEASUREMENTS YOU CAN TRUST. It's large and easy to read LCD display shows you the current temperature in Celcius and it's auto-shut off saves battery life meaning no fuss constantly changing batteries and reduces the risk of water leaks in the tub!
    • MULTI-PURPOSE: Your Aycorn thermometer can easily be used to measure the temperature of your childs bathroom or bedroom. It's stable design in the water means unlike some other designs it's less likely to flip over and misread the temperature as it floats. It's flat feet means it can be freestanding on a shelf or unit in the bedroom making the display easy to monitor.
    • 1 YEAR, 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Love your digital thermometer for children - or your money back! Purchases are backed by our no risk manufacturer 30 day money back guarantee and we are so confident you will love your product we offer you an additional no questions asked 1 year free replacement warranty!

    AYCORN Best Safety Corner Protectors for Kids (20 Pack), Premium Quality Clear Soft and Large Table Edge Bumper Guards for Child and Baby Proofing. Installs in Seconds with Extra Strong Adhesive

    • PROTECT YOUR FAMILY! Made from flexible PVC your Aycorn corner protectors are the perfect childproof solution to keep little kids safe from nasty head injuries. Their wider design means better coverage of dangerous furniture edges than some alternative plastic guards
    • EASY INSTALLATION! Aycorn protectors come in frustration free packaging with high quality easy to read instructions! Unlike other brands they have adhesive tape pre-installed saving you time and stress trying to apply fiddly pieces of tape. Their flexible nature means they fit corners perfectly, even if the angle is not perfect. You won't find an easier design to install or your money back!
    • IT'S ALL ABOUT THE QUALITY! Your children's & toddlers corner bumpers are made with only the highest quality PVC and are designed to last! Our special design means they do not discolour over time and they are SGS certified to not contain any dangerous elements. Be wary of small cheap alternatives which might not be as clear or protect as well!
    • NO MESS, NO FUSS! Your safety guards use extra strong self-adhesive easy peel tape - no glue is needed. They are easy to remove, leave no lasting residue and cause no damage to your furniture! Spare tape means so you can easily re-use them around the home
    • 1 YEAR 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! Love your corner protectors - or your money back! Not only do you get a 30 day manufacturer warranty but we also offer a 1 year 'no questions asked' replacement guarantee - that's how confident we are you'll love your product

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