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    AYOUYA Desk Fan Noiseless USB Fan Cooling Fan with Adjustable Head, Double Fan Blades, 2 Speeds, Mini Size Desktop Fan for Home Office Outdoor Travel

    • 【DUAL BLADES DESIGN, COMFORTABLE WIND】AYOUYA desk fan has dual blades design. When you choose mild wind, 1 tier of blades works; When you choose strong wind, 2 tiers of blades work. This special design make the wild very comfortable, just like massage on skin. It's a good enjoy when touching the wind from AYOUYA desk fan.
    • 【QUIET, NOISELESS, 21-35db】Because of the dual blades design (5 front blades + 7 back blades), AYOUYA USB fan is very quiet when working, is only 21-35db. You can nearly hear nothing especially the mild wind. It doesn't disturb you at all when working, reading or sleeping.
    • 【USB POWERED, 1.1 METER CABLE】AYOUYA cooling fan is USB powered, the USB cable is 1.1m long, so you can use it on computer, laptop, adapter, power bank conveniently. The cable is white and desk fan is black, the obvious color difference helps you find the cable easily.
    • 【SMALL & LIGHT】AYOUYA desk fan size is 14.7*10cm, very small but powerful wind, it helps you to save space. Is 240g and with Non-slip design, is stable when working. You can use it in office, kitchen, bedroom, living room etc. A small desk fan can be your best male in summer.
    • 【ROTATABLE & DISMOUNTABLE】The blades are maximum 30°ratatable for up and down, you can choose the angle you want. Please NOTE Before Rotating Please Press Down The Blades A Little First Then You Can Rotate Well. It's also dismountable and you can clean it easily.

    FM Transmitter Car Bluetooth 4.2 with Fastest Phone Charger QC 3.0, Car Radio Audio Adapter, FM Modulator Car MP3 Player Handsfree Car Kit Support QC3.0 Dual USB Charge

    • 【Easy to Use, With 7 Color Lights to Choose】 Just plug the AYOUYA FM Transmitter into car cigarette lighter, choose your car radio an empty channel (frequency range 76 - 108 Mhz), and tune this bluetooth fm transmitter be the same frequency. Then let your phone/audio player connects this FM music gear via Bluetooth pair. 7 Colors lights for Choosing, you can choose the colors or no colors. They are nice decoration and gives happy atmosphere in your car.
    • 【Wide Compatibility】 AYOUYA Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter is compatible with most Bluetooth enabled devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Samsung, HTC, Sony and other Android smart phones; Stream music and make phone calls directly from your cell mobile devices to car stereo system speaker via FM radio signal ( 76 - 108 MHz).
    • 【QC 3.0 Quick Charger】 There are dual USB car charger, the orange one is QC 3.0, which is the fastest phone/tablet charger in the market. You can charge your phone fast during the short time driving, is really convenient for your life.
    • 【Enjoy Crystal Music in 3 Ways】 With our in car bluetooth audio adapter, you can enjoy much more music by 3 ways: A: Via Bluetooth; B: Via Micro TF card (MP3, WAV, APE, FLAC format supported); C: Via USB flash disk. And the sound is crystal clear due to CVC noise cancellation technology adopted.
    • 【Clear Hands Free Call】 AYOUYA In Car FM Transmitter Adapter offers more stable FM signal, better anti-interference performance, enhanced sound experience; Built-in microphone with Echo cancellation and noise suppression (CVC) technology, make you clear hands-free talking; And also answer/ reject /hang off incoming call /redialing last phone just by pressing one button"Phone Call", very easy.

    AYOUYA Desk Fan USB Fan Strong Wind Cooling Fan with Adjustable Head, 3 Speeds, Mini Size Desktop Fan Table Fan Computer Fan for Home Office Outdoor Travel

    • 【5 BLADES, 3 SPEEDS, STRONG WIND】AYOUYA desk fan has 5 blades design, gives strong wind. There are 3 speeds to choose. The Small rotate speed is 2215, the Medium speed is 3390, the Maximum speed is 3575 . You can choose easily the different speed and AYOUYA USB fan offers different wind. It's a good enjoy when touching the wind from AYOUYA cooling fan in a hot weather
    • 【USB POWERED, 1.2 METER CABLE】AYOUYA cooling fan is USB powered, the USB cable is 1.2m long, so you can use it on computer, laptop, adapter, power bank conveniently. The cable is Micro USB plug and you can take it off the fan for other use if needed
    • 【SMALL & LIGHT】AYOUYA table fan size is 14.4*12*7cm, very small but powerful wind, it helps you to save space. Is 150g and with Non-slip design, is stable when working. You can use it in office, kitchen, bedroom, living room etc. A small desk fan can be your best male in summer
    • 【ROTATABLE & BEAUTIFUL COLOR】The blades are maximum 90°ratatable for up and down, you can choose the angle you want. The body is white and blades are yellow, the beautiful color makes you feel cool and pleasant in summer
    • 【STORAGE BASE DESIGN】AYOUYA computer fan base has storage design, you can put some little things on it to save space, like lipstick, ring, bracelet, coins etc. Very convenient and save space

    Candles Scented Candles Candle Gift Set 4 Iron Pots Natural Soy Wax Flowers Scent 120 Hours Burning Time Aromatherapy Candle for Relax Sweet Dream Clean Air and Yogaa (Gardenia Etc)

    • 【1 SET, 4 FRAGRANCE】AYOUYA candles have 4 beautiful iron pots, each pot has a fragrance: Lavender, Jasmine, Gardenia, French Vanilla . All of them are pleasant odor. They have their own top, middle and base note, they are luxurious scented candles and decoration
    • 【NATURAL SOY WAX AND ESSENTIAL OIL】AYOUYA scented candles are made of natural soy wax and essential oil. They are smokeless when burning, very eco-friendly and healthy. If the burning time is over 2 hours, please cut a little candlewick, just keep it about 0.8 cm long
    • 【120 HOURS BURNING TIME】AYOUYA candles gift set has long burning time. Each pot of candle is 4OZ, burns about 25-30 hours, there are 4 pots, the total burning time is 100-120 hours. So you can enjoy 4 difference pleasant odors in long time
    • 【POWERFUL FUNCTIONS】AYOUYA candles are not only beautiful candles, but also have the functions: Soothe the nerves, Give you a Sweet Dream, Clean the Air and Great Yoga mate. Each night when you smell the pleasant odor, seeing the beautiful pot and warm flame, the mood is happy
    • 【BEAUTIFUL APPEARANCE, GREAT GIF】The 4 iron pots are all in beautiful appearance, you can decorate your house or store some little value things like rings, necklace, earphone etc. The package box is also very beautiful, is a luxurious gift set for female. Perfect birthday gift and festival present

    AYOUYA Portable Electric Heater, Fan heater Personal Space Heater Electric Heater With Over-heat & Tip-over Protection 3 Modes Fast Heating, Suit for Home and Office

    • 【3 TEMPERATURE SETTING】There are 3 temperature setting with AYOUYA fan heater :1500W high heat to provide strong warm, 750W low heat to provide comfortable warm and cool modes for fan only.It is suitable for all seasons
    • 【SECURITY PROTECTION】The fan electric heater is built-in over-heating and tip-over protection safety system which can automatically switch off in case of accidental knocking off or reaching a high temperature of 80 °C. The space heater made of the highest grade of fire Retardant material for a safety concern
    • 【FASTING HEATING 】AYOUYA portable heater adopts PTC ceramic element material. This material has the advantages of fast heating, high heat conversion rate, and energy-saving. After turning on the heater, you can feel the warm air in 2 seconds
    • 【PORTABLE SIZE】This space heaters is small size (14.3*14.2*25cm) and designs with carry handle. It is easy to move and carry, perfect for using in-home or office. You can put it on the desk near you or place it on the floor to warm your feet while reading, working or watching TV, etc
    • 【USING NOTES】In order to avoid burns,please do not let bare skin touch hot surface which will be hot when the heater is working. And please pay more attention when the heater is used near children or pets

    AYOUYA Mosquito Bnads Mosquito Repellent Bracelet 12 Pack Reusable Leather Adjustable Long Time Mosquito Repellent Natural Ingredient (Leather)

    • 【NATURAL INGREDIENT】AYOUYA mosquito repellent bracelets are made of leather, this kind of material has more mosquito repellent essential oil than silicon or plastic material, spices are made of citronella, pelargoniums, lavender, peppermint etc. All of them are natural and healthy for person, but mosquito dislike. Do mosquito repellent very well.
    • 【REUSABLE, LONG TIME EFFECTIVE】The mosquito repellent bracelet is effective within 10 days, then you can put it in the little plastic package together with the solid mosquito repellent cream (included in package) for 12 hours, then you can reuse the mosquito repellent bracelet again.
    • 【12 PACKS, ADJUSTABLE for WRIST & ANKLE】There are 12 bracelets in total. AYOUYA mosquito repellent bracelet is adjustable from 18-29cm long, nearly fit for any wrist & ankle no matter you are thin or fat, short or tall. You can also use it in other place, like tie it on bag, put it on desk, it can also make you avoid biting by mosquito.
    • 【MULTIPLE BEAUTIFUL COLORS, MODERN BRACELETS】There are 12 colors: black, red, blue, yellow, orange and some other mixed colors, suitable for both male and female. First they are mosquito repellent bracelets, but they are also modern and beautiful bracelets in summer. They are bright and beautiful decoration for clothes.
    • 【NOTES】The radius of effective repellent mosquito is 1 meter, if there are too much mosquito, we advice you to wear 1-2 more mosquito repellent bracelet, any mosquito repellent product can't make the mosquito 100% far away unless you are totally wrapped. Please adjust the number of bracelet when necessary.

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