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    BaKblade Shaver Blade Set, Refills for BaKblade 1.0 Back Shaver, Precision Shave, Pack of 3

    • COMPATIBLE WITH BAKBLADE 1.0 BACK SHAVER: DRYglide Safety Blade Technology Involves a One Of A kind 4" Blade and Teeth Arrangement That Gives The Smoothest Shave on the Market. Comes with 3 Razors.
    • SHAVE WET OR DRY: Our Cartridges Have Been Specifically Designed and Engineered to Shave Your Back and Body Wet or Dry. The Safety Guard Prevents Cuts and Razer Burn Like a Safety Razor.
    • ERGONOMIC LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: Shave Pain-Free and Gives You the Full Extendable Reach You Need to Shave Those Hard to Reach Areas. No Shaving Cream or Batteries Required Like Other Mens Shavers.
    • EASY TO USE SHAVING KIT: The Cartridges Have Been Specifically Designed for Your Back and Body and are Very Easy to Replace by Sliding In and Out of the Shaver Housing Unit. Body Groom Made Easy.
    • AFFORDABLE REPLACEMENT BLADES: Don't Waste Hard-earned Money on Trimmer or Laser Hair Removal. No Electric Back Shavers or Cheap Mens Grooming Kits. BaKblade is the Best Mens Shaver You Will Need.

    BAKblade 2.0 Replacement Blades, Set of 6 Safety Blades, 9 cm Wide, DryGlide, for Soft and Safe Shaving of Back and Body

    • For millions of men around the world, unwanted back hair is an uncomfortable reality. The BAKblade makes the hair removal process quick, easy, painless and affordable.
    • The BAKblade is extremely easy to use. Its exclusive patented blade cartridges allow for a smooth shave and are designed to minimise the risk of cuts, They feel like a back scratcher.
    • The BAKblade does not create a look of a day's beard. With two rows of our 2.0 blades, you will see that they last a long time. If you need to change the blades, slide them out and put some new ones in place.
    • 9 cm wide, interchangeable blades.
    • Can be used wet or dry, with or without shaving cream.

    BaKblade 2.0 Replacement Blades - Set of 6 Safety Blades - 9cm Wide DryGlide - for Soft & Safe Shaving of Back & Body

    • Replacement blades set for Bakblade 2.0
    • BaKblade shaver blades will perform like nothing else you have used in the past.
    • 9 cm wide, interchangeable blades
    • Ability to use wet or dry, with or without shaving cream
    • Patented blade system by BaKlade

    BaKblade 1.0 Back Hair Razor and Body Shaver for Men

    • The Unique Blade and Teeth Arrangement on this Patent-Approved First and Original Back Hair Shaver gives you a Close and Quick Shave; the Extra Long, Curved, Lightweight Handle is Perfect for Hard-To-Reach Areas on your Upper Arms, Shoulders, and Lower Back
    • Easy to Use; No Shaving Cream Needed; 4" Wide Blade lets you Tackle Larger Surface Areas than a regular razor; it's the Smoothest Shave Available Today; No More Expensive and Painful Wax Jobs or Laser Hair Removal Sessions for You
    • Hold the Shaver with Teeth Facing Toward the Skin and Lightly Drag Across Unwanted Hair; the teeth Grab and Cut the Hair with No Discomfort; the Overall Sensation is Rather Pleasant and the Results Will Amaze You
    • The BaKblade Shaver Skips All Unnecessary Accessories such as Creams and Lotions that come with other shaving products; it Does Exactly What It Claims to Do and Gives you a Baby Smooth Clean Shave in Just a Matter of Minutes; Can be used wet or dry
    • When Replacing BaKblade Shaver Blades, the Blades Easily Slide In and Out of the Handle; Affordable, Ultra Sharp Replacement Blades Can Be Ordered Separately so you can Keep Your Back and Shoulders Continually Well Groomed and Looking Good

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