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    Hey Duggee: The Sandcastle Badge

    • The first thing you need to build a sandcastle is a bucket and spade! Fill the bucket with wet sand and be sure to pat it all down
    • Lift the bucket to reveal your newly-constructed sandcastle
    • Cover your sandcastle with seaweed, shells, windows, doors and a host of crazy decorations
    • Finally, top off your sandcastle with your own choice of brightly coloured flag

    Hey Duggee: The Spooky Badge

    • Cut up your sheet into a ghostly shape for your chosen squirrel
    • Use your creative skills to decorate your ghost with items from the dressing up box
    • Carve a spooky pumpkin lantern to add some scary ambience
    • Show off your ghost in a hilarious chase sequence before finally revealing your Squirrel's true identity!

    Sarah and Duck: Build a Snowman

    • Play with Sarah, Duck and the Shallots as you help them build a snowman
    • Develop imagination and creative skills through different decorating stages
    • Capture pictures of your favourite snowman to your photo library
    • Gated grown-ups area including a Help section ensures a child-friendly game experience

    BBC Earth Colouring

    • Switch effortlessly between free-form paint tools and block-fill colouring to produce accomplished images with light, shade and texture.
    • Pick from hundreds of shades and colours arranged in a spectrum of specially-created wildlife palettes.
    • Save your sensational pictures in your artwork library.
    • Share your impressive creations with all your friends using our in-built sharing functionality.
    • Check out our 'be inspired' gallery for inspiration or search social media using #bbcearthcolouring

    Hey Duggee: The Tinsel Badge

    • Using simple drag-and-drop, tapping and swiping motions:
    • Cover the tree in tinsel
    • Hang baubles, bow ties, snowflakes, stars, candy canes and more
    • Place a special Christmas Squirrel at the very top of the tree
    • Finally, cover the tree with multi-coloured lights and watch the Clubhouse illuminate

    BBC Colouring: Doctor Who

    • Enter a gallery and choose a picture: Doctors; Enemies; Patterns; Scenes; Lettering
    • Tap to colour in: Pick from hundreds of colours arranged in a spectrum of palettes
    • Save your sensational pictures in your artwork library
    • Share your impressive creations with all your friends using our in-built sharing functionality
    • Check out our 'Be Inspired' gallery for inspiration or search social media using #doctorwhocolouring
    BBC Colouring: Doctor Who

    Hey Duggee: The Squirrel Club

    • An interactive app that encourages exploratory and open-ended gameplay.
    • Clear and simple interface designed for pre-schoolers.
    • Encourages creativity.
    • 17 games and badges to collect.

    Hey Duggee: The Exploring App

    • Six fun activities with a variety of gameplay styles
    • Improve reactions and matching skills as you set up a tent
    • Meet colourful characters as you build your very own trainset
    • Develop fine motor control skills as you dig for fossils
    • Practice observation as you go bird watching
    • Learn about the planets as you fly a rocket ship
    • Encourage your creativity as you design a treehouse
    • Visit your gallery to see all of your wonderful adventures

    Doctor Who: Comic Creator

    • Comic Maker: generate your own Doctor Who adventures using this step-by-step comic builder tool.
    • Comic Reader: read one of your own epic stories or flick through the 12-part 'A Stitch in Time.'
    • Monster Maker: from a catalogue of editable monster parts, devise your own enemies for the Doctor to defeat.
    • Fact Files: Facts, figures and back story - they're all here in the Doctor Who Fact Files.
    • Store: Get new packs or bundles in the Doctor Who Comic Store.

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