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    USB Electric Heated Vest Security Intelligent Constant Temperature Fast Heating Clothing For Outdoor Sports Fishing

    • 1. Humanized heating part is designed for the cold part of the neck and back.
    • 2. Infrared heating with no harmful radiation and stable performance is safe and reliable, environmentally friendly, energy saving, soft and comfortable.
    • 3. 3-levle temperature design for intelligent heating.
    • 4. Only 5V voltage, 1000 mA can continue to heat for about 8 hours.
    • 5. Fast heating: 1 minute heating to prevent coldness.NOTE:This is Asia size,EU and US please pay attention to buy one or two large size.

    CampHiking Nutcracker Christmas Decorations,30cm 3PCS/Set Large Christmas Nutcracker Traditional Soldier - 100 Wooden | Puppet Ornaments Doll Toys New Year Gifts For Kid Children's Room Home Decor

    • Nutcracker Wooden Doll: This product measures about 30cm / 11.81 inches.
    • Great Gift: Christmas, wedding, birthday, a good gift for Christmas Decorations.
    • Exquisite Decoration: Christmas 3 Nutcracker King Soldier wooden puppets, exquisite Christmas decorations and children's puppet toys.
    • Stylish and Attractive: European and American style Christmas decoration walnut soldiers.
    • Practical for Use: Nutcracker puppet decorative ornaments. The delicate nutcracker as a hanging tree represents a celebration of Christmas.

    CampHiking Baby Doll Silicone Artificial Black Man Dolls Interactive Games Toys For Children-Multiple skin colors available

    • Lovely face, pink and full mouth and bright eyes.
    • The whole body is made of environmentally-friendly vinyl material, which can be kneaded and nibbled. The limbs and head can be disassembled. The clothes can be taken off and be used for accompanying baby to bath.
    • The material of the doll clothes is made of corduroy, soft and fit, colorfast and pilling-free.
    • Pre-pregnancy early education / kindergarten procurement / children's toys / personal collection / photography assistance and so on.
    • It can also be used as a comfort doll at night, so that children develop a good habit of sleeping independently.

    CampHiking Chainsaw Sharpening Kit Saw Chain Sharpener - Blade Grinder Special Durable Corrosion Resistant Fast Stone Sharpen Grinding Tools, Universal,14.96 Inch

    • 1. Material: Made of plastic and grindstone, it is durable and anti-corrosive.
    • 2. Scientific design: the end of the sharpening stone with handle design, easy to operate, which allows the user to operate directly on the chainsaw, without accidentally hurting the finger.
    • 3. Providing a fast, simple and portable saw chain sharpening method.
    • 4. Sharpen any chain quickly and easily, can make your saw chain more sharp, easy to use.
    • 5. Suitable for any size of the chainsaw.

    CampHiking Stainless Steel Hollow Ball Seamless Mirror Ball Sphere Garden Ornament (300mm)

    • Stainless steel hollow ball is mainly made of 304 stainless steel that is durable.
    • High brightness shine sphere. Mirror metal decorative accessories.
    • Suitable for various of shopping malls, home garden decoration, office space decorations etc.
    • A decorative garden globe in polished stainless steel. acting as the finishing touch in any pond or garden lawn.
    • Optional Diameter: (approx.) 1.9cm/3.8cm/ 5.1cm/ 8cm /10cm / 12cm / 15cm /20cm/30cm

    CampHiking Wood Turning Ballpoint Pen DIY Pen Special Accessories Woodworking Lathe Pen Spindle Clamp Type Accessories

    • 1. Woodworking lathe accessories can be used as spare parts for easy replacement.
    • 2. The spindle diameter is about 6mm and most kits can be used.
    • 3. Rugged stainless steel material, not easy to rust.
    • 4. No more spacers are needed to compensate for the difference between the length of the blank and the spindle, helping to eliminate any vibrations encountered when turning the gap on the necessary spindle.
    • 5. The length is adjustable and can be reduced or extended by loosening the lock nut at the end.
    CampHiking Wood Turning Ballpoint Pen DIY Pen Special Accessories Woodworking Lathe Pen Spindle Clamp Type Accessories

    Heated Coat\Jackets For Mens,Winter Tops - USB Electric Fast Heating Clothing For Outdoor Sports Skiing Riding Fishing Camping,Warm Body And Heart

    • Zero radiation and safety: Carbon fiber can achieve zero radiation (please note: people with heart disease will not wear a heated vest). Warm clothes are suitable for day, night and autumn, as well as for cold weather. The material has anti-pilling function and is suitable for outdoor activities, snowmobiles, motorcycling and mountaineering, camping, walking, skiing, fishing, hunting or office daily life, autumn and winter business activities.
    • Machine washable: Waterproof electronic components support hand washing, dry cleaning and machine washing.
    • Warm body and heart: Heating materials helps blood circulation and relieve muscle pain. This is the best gift for a birthday or Christmas for a father, husband or boyfriend.
    • One-button control: There are 3 temperature adjustments that can be used with a 5V/2.1A adapter or other power bank supply. The USB adapter is compatible with all mobile power sources (without battery
    • Very thick: suitable for cold winter outdoor activities.

    CampHiking Baby Stroller Rain Cover Universal Baby Carriage Rain Cover Baby Carriage Transparent Raincoat Windproof Four Seasons

    • Food grade material: cold resistant, no cracking, subzero temperature can also be used, good toughness, not easy to ash.
    • High transparency does not block the field of vision: high transparency, directly put on will not hinder the baby's sight, rain and snow out can also see the outside view.
    • Open window design: one does not need to remove the rain cover, the zipper can be opened to facilitate the baby to enter and exit freely, and pass the design of the bottle.
    • Ventilation on both sides, circulating ventilation: honeycomb breathable mesh design, circulation ventilation, air flow, to avoid the baby sitting for a long time, feel more boring, give the baby a more comfortable experience.
    • Rainproof: The rain cover can prevent rain, wind and snow, and prevent dust, so that the cart becomes a warm nest for the baby to shelter from the wind and rain.
    CampHiking Baby Stroller Rain Cover Universal Baby Carriage Rain Cover Baby Carriage Transparent Raincoat Windproof Four Seasons

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