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    • GUMBALLS INCLUDED - This gumball machine bank comes with a 100g supply of brightly coloured gumballs already included so the product can be used as soon as it is removed from its packaging. Once these have been used up the machine can be refilled over and again with more gumballs or a wide variety of other sweets and snacks such as jelly-beans, peanuts or other personal sweet or savoury favourites.
    • FUN AND EASY TO USE - The product's simple mechanism makes it easy to operate for even the youngest child over 3 years of age. Just slip in a coin, turn the front crank handle and instantly a gumball is released through a slot at the machine's base. The machine accepts a variety of coins, anything in fact which has a diameter of 25mm or less, adding to its versatility.
    • TOY SAVING BANK FEATURE - The gumball machine bank is dual purpose. It acts as both sweet and snack dispenser as well as a toy saving bank which stores coins. The variety of coins which can be used means savings can be added to with different amounts from 1p upwards. The machine allows one twist of the handle per coin and so teaches children the value of saving while entertaining at the same time.
    • HEIGHT APPROXIMATELY 21CM - Big enough to hold a good supply of gumballs or other sweets and snacks, the gumball machine bank is also compact enough to place on a bedroom shelf, on a work desk or on a kitchen worktop. It can also be easily packed away in a toy-box, drawer or cupboard or even carried in a school-bag.
    • AN IDEAL GIFT FOR CHILDREN AND ADULTS - With its bright red design, this is a fun and exciting gift for kids of all ages. Adding to the appeal are the multi-coloured gumballs which are included. The retro-style gumball machine bank can make a great choice as a gift for adults too or as a novelty stocking-filler. Use as a desktop toy or as a fun inclusion at parties, weddings or other special occasions. You can match the sweets inside to co-ordinate with your party colour scheme or theme.

    Portable Pressure Washer

    • Ideal for washing cars, 4x4's, trucks, vans, caravans, motor homes, boats, windows & conservatories, camping, garden etc
    • Hand powered portable pressure washer including accessories
    • 8 litre capacity
    • Includes soft bristle brush & long reach lance
    • Maximum of 40psi cleaning power

    24 Karat Gold Plated Playing Cards

    • 99.999% 24K gold plated playing cards
    • Complete with presentation box and certificate of authentication
    • Pack includes 52 playing cards and 2 joker cards
    • Cards are the standard size (W:55mm / H:87mm)
    • Perfect gift for any poker players or card enthusiasts

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