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    FiveSeasonStuff 10 Stems of Real Touch Tulip Artificial Flowers Bouquet, Perfect for Wedding, Bridal, Party, Home, Holidays, Garden, Birthday, Office Décor DIY (White)

    • FiveSeasonStuff Tulips feel and look real. For tulip arrangement, pair up or combine with your favourite colours
    • 10 pcs of tulips per set. Tulips are slightly scented with fragrance
    • Size: 34.5cm in length, petal width 4.5cm, made from quality (Polyurethane) PU material
    • Perfect for Wedding, Bridal, Party, Home, Holidays, Garden, Birthday, Christmas Gift, Office Décor DIY
    • Sealed in FiveSeasonStuff branded packaging

    FiveSeasonStuff Vintage Artificial Flowers Light Pink Peony and Hydrangeas (1 Bouquet)

    • 1 bouquet of FiveSeasonStuff peony silk artificial flowers with rich layers of petals
    • 1 bouquet consists of 13 stems: 6 Peony flowers (about 9cm/ 3.54inches in diameter), 2 Peony buds (about 6cm/2.4inches in diameter), 2 Hydrangeas and 3 groups of little flowers and grass
    • Perfect for Wedding, Bridal, Party, Home, Office, Shop Décor DIY
    • Size: 51cm/ 20 inches in length. Petals are made from quality silk material and stems from plastic
    • Sealed in FiveSeasonStuff branded packaging. Pictures are for reference only, Please do not place the flowers in the sunlight

    FiveSeasonStuff 6 Pack (300 Sheets) Stationery Leaf Shape Edition/Sticky Notes/Adhesive Notes/Coloured Notes (9.5cm/3.75in*6.5cm/2.56in)

    • FiveSeasonStuff Notes - a convenient way for leaving a message, making a list or expressing an idea on a note
    • Fun leaf-shaped notes in natural green
    • Includes 6 leaf pads containing total 300 sheets. Each note measures 9.5cm x 6.5cm
    • Stick firmly to almost any surface. Easily removed, leaving no residue yet retaining stickiness for repositioning
    • Ideal for home/work/office/school/college/study/revision.

    FiveSeasonStuff 20 Pcs Mini Transparent Glass Bottles with Corks (Oblate Bottle 1)

    • Perfect for DIY arts and crafts, and all kinds of tiny things, such as short messages, projects, decorations, pendants, jewelry, acrylic rocks and gemstone, decorating your homes, offices, shops, parties, weddings and celebrations
    • Great for paper items like small messages, card trimmings and magazine clippings. Ideal for storing perfumes, scents, oils, seeds, sands, beads, shells, gemstone, rocks, pixie dust, pendants, favours, flower petals, spices, etc.
    • Suitable for wishing bottles, drift bottles, craft bottles, DIY items, etc. Lovely gifts filled with little souvenir for your friends and family
    • Material: high borosilicate glass and wooden corks. Size: 2cm x 1cm x 3cm (0.8 x 0.4 x 1.2 inches)
    • Package Contents: 20 mini glass bottles (Oblate Bottle 1) with cork stoppers. Sealed in FiveSeasonStuff branded packaging

    FiveSeasonStuff® All Season Foam Cushion Table Edge Corner Guards / Edge Protectors / Edge Cushion / Edge Guards / Baby Proofing Child Proofing / Choose from Below Kits (Jumbo L-Profile Edge Protector Cream White 1pc 2Metre (T:5-14mm) LM94-A)

    • FiveSeasonStuff All Season Edge Guard Kit will protect your child or persons of any age from injuries, which normally occur from table sharp edges and corners
    • All FiveSeasonStuff kits will absorb any impact and lessen the chance of any injuries. Quality foam is made from high quality NBR materials, with excellent impact absorbing properties, the same material used in aeronautical applications. Is highly resistant to oil and acids
    • FiveSeasonStuff Kit comes with double sided adhesive for sticking the foam securely to any surface, which can easily be removed. Choose from U-Profile, Jumbo L-Profile and Standard L-Profile Edge Protector Guard Kits for the type of protection you need from those edges
    • FiveSeasonStuff Kits are suitable on all types of surfaces such as wood, glass, plastic, tiles. In addition to protecting children and people from corners and edges, can be used for when furniture and framed art worked is being moved
    • Sealed in FiveSeasonStuff branded packaging with manual. Instructions: Use the foam to cover any edge and cut your desired length. To connect a corner, cut each side of the foam at a 45° angle and connect

    FiveSeasonStuff Organza Wedding Favours Gift Bags Jewellery Birthday Party Baby Shower Arts & Crafts Gift Wrapping Candy DIY Pouches (7cm x 9cm, Gold Swirl)

    • FiveSeasonStuff Versatile Organza Bags - Cheerful Wedding & Party Favour Bags, Decent Gift Bags, Exquisite Jewelry Pouches. Ideal for wedding favours, party favours, gifts, presents, jewelry, beads, pendants, sweets, candies, chocolates, cosmetics, sachets, lavenders, dried flowers, shells, seeds, tea leaves, handmade soaps, stationery, cards, gadgets, etc.
    • Perfect for weddings, parties, Christmas, birthdays, baby showers, celebrations, present wrapping, anniversaries, festivals, graduations, arts and craft projects, DIY, etc. Widely use around home, jewellery and trinket shops, manual workshops, select shops, gift stores, retail stores, grocery stores, etc.
    • Lovely & Clever Organisers for Jewellery - no more tangles between your necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings as they can be kept separately. Keeps your jewellery tidy and clean, saving up spaces whilst being able to see the contents clearly through the transparent bags, which enables you to fast choose the ornaments you want rather than opening the jewellery boxes again and again. Great for carrying jewellery when travelling
    • Comes with an excellent range of colours to match various colour schemes. Easy to open and close with the corresponding drawstring ribbons on the top
    • Package Contents: 100 Organza Gift Bags, sealed in FiveSeasonStuff branded packaging
    FiveSeasonStuff Organza Wedding Favours Gift Bags Jewellery Birthday Party Baby Shower Arts & Crafts Gift Wrapping Candy DIY Pouches (7cm x 9cm, Gold Swirl)

    FiveSeasonStuff® Pack of 2 All Season Premium Industrial Strength Double Sided White Foam Tape, Self-Adhesive Foam for Billboard/ Advertising/ Sign Post/ Poster/ Decoupage/ Cardmaking/ Scrapbooking/ Photograph Mounting/ Matting n' Layering/ Arts n' Crafts/ School/ Office/ Workshop/ Garage/ Household Uses etc (30mm x 1mm x 4.5m)

    • 2 rolls, double-sided white foam tape。Sealed in FiveSeasonStuff branded packaging
    • Foam tape can be used indoors and outdoors
    • Foam tape is very strong. Non-toxic, non-absorbent
    • Many width sizes available: 5mm, 8mm, 10mm,15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm and 50mm. Thickness sizes available: 1mm, 2mm and 3mm. Thickness sizes available: 1mm, 2mm and 3mm. For more load-bearing, consider using thicker size for more foam density. 1mm and 2mm are 4.5m long. 3mm are 2.5m long.
    • Directions: Cut desired length and peel side one and two and stick.

    FiveSeasonStuff® All Season Muilti-Purpose High Strength Acrylic Gel Adhesive Double Sided Tape Roll For mobile phone repairs, car vehicles, home and garden, industrial, office, workshop, garage. Surface applications for wood, glass, metal, plastics, composites, foamex, painted surfaces (Width Sizes Select from 3mm to 50mm) 10 Meter Long Tape, 0.2mm thickness TP11 (5mm (Gel Thickness: 1mm) TP059)

    • High-bond acrylic ahesive gel. Gel tape thickness or height is 0.2mm
    • Heavy duty, water resistant, tough and strong. Width range from 3mm to 50mm. Length is 10m
    • For binding and reinforcing with clear acrylic gel double sided tape
    • No problem when adhering to multi-surfaces. Gel tape can be moved if placed in wronig position unlike other adhesives bonds.
    • Temperature resistance after permanent bonding: High-end 200 (°C) (392 °F) Low-end -20 (°C)(-4 °F)

    FiveSeasonStuff 24pcs 3D Gold Mirror Hollow Butterfly Wall Stickers

    • Create a 3D Fairy World - Get creative and animated bringing these FiveSeasonStuff 3D glitter mirror butterflies home, which will ''stay'' together on your walls or scatter freely on your windows, doors and wardrobes. Features adjustable wings and metallic hollow patterns on both sides for a perfect 3D effect
    • Widely Used - Can be applied to all smooth, clean and dry surfaces (plastic, metal, tile, wall, glass, wood, etc). Suitable for home, bedroom, nursery, office, school, store, restaurant, dorm, wall, refrigerator, table, window, door, drawer, desk, wardrobe, closet, mirror, kitchen cabinet, computer, shop front, showcase, show window, TV, car, etc.
    • Easy to Apply and Remove - Comes with small double sided transparent glue dots for great flexibilities to stick on wherever you like. Simple to adhere and remove without leaving residue or damaging wall surface
    • Thick Material & Hollow Pattern - Made from well-cut glossy card paper, ensures the butterflies are hard enough to retain the standing shape. The symmetric, graceful hollow wings make the butterflies look more absorbing and glamorous
    • Assorted Sizes - Large: 12 x 9cm (4.7 x 3.5 inches); Medium: 10 x 7.5cm (3.9 x 3 inches); Small: 8 x 6cm (3.1 x 2.4 inches). Package Contents - 24pcs 3D Silver Butterfly Wall Stickers (8 x Large, 8 x Medium and 8 x Small). Sealed in FiveSeasonStuff branded packaging

    FiveSeasonStuff 100% Turquoise Pure Mulberry Silk-Filled Comfortable and Breathable Luxuriously Sleeping Mask / Sleep Eye Mask / Eye Mask for Air Travel + Storage Pouch + Ear Plugs

    • Get Better Sleep, Nap and Relax. Eyes will noticeably feel how soft and luxurious the silk feels with the smooth texture and lightweight feel no matter where or how you sleep. Whether on a flight, train, hotel, camping, at home or anywhere else, you will have better sleep as illuminated lights will stay out. Blocks out light in any sleeping position. Effective even if you sleep on your side.
    • 100% Silk 100% Luxurious Quality: the silk for each eye mask are derived from domesticated silkworms to ensure excellent silk masks. The daily diet of silkworms consists of white mulberry leaves in controlled environments.The qulity silk is not only on both sides of mask, but also filled inside as well.
    • Comfort, Easy Adjust and Fitting. The metal adjuster avoids hair tangles ensuring a comfortable wear and sleep. Strap is adjustable between 8.8 inches and 16.6 inches. Suitable for women, men and kids.
    • The 100% hypo-allergenic silk provides and balances the space between your eyes and mask with healthy oxygen and helps to keep dry air out. The natural fibers of the silk are also odourless.
    • Includes FiveSeasonStuff storage pouch and earplugs. Sealed in FiveSeasonStuff branded packaging. Hand wash ONLY.

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