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    Fossil, Rock and Gemstone Box Collection. Set of 3 Boxes

    • Idea starter collection kit for the junior collector. SET INCLUDES ALL THREE BOXES!
    • Genuine specimens of fossils, rocks and gemstones
    • Great gift idea for parties, birthdays, Christmas stockings etc.
    • Information about the fossils, rocks and gemstones on reverse of the boxes
    • Each box measures 5cm(W) x 7.5cm(H) x 3cm(D).

    Gift-Boxed Set of 4 Mixed Colour Brazilian Agate Geodes - With Information Card & Stands

    • Beautiful Genuine Brazillian agate Geode. Each geode measures approx. 3"-4" and weighs 150gms
    • Every geode is unique, no two are the same. The one you will receive will vary from that shown as every piece is entirely natural
    • Presented in a gift-box with and information card and optional display stand. Gift box measures 5.5" x 5.5" x 4".
    • Would make a fantastic present. Unique gift idea for Christmas, birthdays, anniversary's etc.
    • The natural patterns of the agate have been enhanced with a choice of bright, vibrant colours.

    Fossil Box with Study of Fossils Booklet

    • Ideal fossil collection for the junior budding enthusiast
    • Great starter kit for or great as a gift for parties!
    • Informative booklet included in the set to learn all about fossils
    • Further information about the fossil contents on the reverse of the box
    • Box measures 5cm(W) x 7.5cm(H) x 3cm(D)

    Break Your Own Geodes - Great for Party Bags! (Pack of 5)

    • Break open the geode and discover your very own crystals! Each geode measures approx. 2"
    • Great gift idea for party bag fillers. Educational and fun!
    • Real natural quartz crystals within each geode
    • Each geode is presented in a clear PVC bag with an information card enclosed
    • Choice of a pack of 5, 10 or 20

    Set of 6 x 3" Himalayan Marble Eggs

    • Genuine Himalayan marble eggs. Set of 6 assorted marble eggs with display stands
    • include onyx, fossilstone, black marble and more! Every set is different, no two are the same
    • Smooth & polished marble eggs. Great gift idea for the home or collector.
    • Each marble egg measures approx. 3"
    • The marble was formed over thousands of years in the foothills of the Himalayas and has been highly polished to give it a tactile feel and contemporary look

    Agate Geode

    • Beautiful GENUINE Brazilian agate geode
    • Every piece is entirely unique, The one you receive will differ from that shown
    • Measures approx. 2"-3"
    • Great gift idea for the home
    • Please see additional images to show variations in colour and markings

    Amethyst Tea Light Candle Holder - Tea Light Included!

    • Genuine Brazilian amethyst tea light holder
    • Emits a beautiful glow when lit. Looks great in the home!
    • Holds a standard Tealight (supplied)
    • Every Piece is entirely unique, no two are the same
    • Measures approx. 4"

    400-600gm Gift-Boxed Agate Geode Agate Geode - Green

    • Beautiful Genuine Brazillian agate Geode
    • Every geode is unique, no two are the same
    • Measures approx. 3"-4" and weighs 400-600gms
    • Presented in a gift-box with and information card, would make a fantastic present
    • Unique gift idea for Christmas, birthdays, anniversary's etc.

    Quality Rose Quartz Tea Light Candle Holder - Supplied With Tea Light

    • Genuine Brazilian Rose Quartz crystal tea light holder
    • Emits a beautiful, warm glow when lit.
    • Great gift idea for the home or Christmas, birthdays etc.
    • Every candle holder is unique. No two are the same!
    • Measures approx. 3.5" x 2". Supplied with a tea light.

    Fossil Collection Kit - Contains 15 Genuine Fossils! (Collection Kit with Study of Fossils Booklet)

    • Great fossil starter kit for the budding enthusiast
    • Contains 15 genuine fossils including an ammonite, brachiopod, gastropod, crinoid, goniatite & more
    • Fossil Kit also contains a mini magnifier to examine the specimens more closely and information sheet
    • Great gift idea for all ages
    • Educational and fun! Great for Christmas, birthdays and stocking fillers!

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