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    VALUE 2-PACK - Magnetic Reward/Chore Chart & Reusable Dry Erase Chalkboard/Notice board - 30cm x 40cm - Suitable For Up To 3 Children/Adults - Eliminate Stress & Reward Good Behaviour

    • ✅ MOTIVATE THE KIDS - Children LOVE reward charts. They're fantastic for ENCOURAGING them to do their chores and be on their BEST BEHAVIOUR. However, many kids (especially those old enough to do household chores) find traditional star charts a bit cheesy & babyish. The GOOD2BGOOD Reward Chart allows them to CHECK OFF completed tasks and ADD UP their score to get the REWARDS THEY REALLY WANT while the BONUS Notice Board allows you to plan your day & REMIND yourself of important tasks.
    • ✅ ORGANISE THE WHOLE FAMILY - Our EXTRA VALUE 2-Pack gives you the space to keep up to 3 KIDS on track with their chores & homework with the ADDED BONUS of a blank noticeboard to keep yourself organised or simply to HAVE FUN with the kids by writing FUNNY NOTES or DRAWING PICTURES. And no more annoying weak magnetic stars falling off every time you close the fridge door!
    • ✅ REDUCE STRESS & KEEP YOUR HOME CLEAN - We all lead busy lives but with our GREAT VALUE Blackboard 2-Pack you can ACTUALLY MOTIVATE your kids to keep your home tidy WITHOUT NAGGING. Plus you'll never forget that pint of milk or an important date again!
    • ✅ EVERYTHING IS MAGNETIC - Not only are our boards made with a STRONG magnetic backing, but our PENS, DECALS & even the ERASER are all magnetic too! Stick everything to the fridge and you won't have to hunt around whenever you need to tick off a task or RUB OUT yesterday's "to do" list.
    • ✅ EASY TO WIPE CLEAN - GOOD2BGOOD Magnetic Blackboards are made from SUPER HIGH QUALITY NANO-TECHNOLOGY dry erase laminate, making them INCREDIBLY EASY to wipe clean leaving NO TRACE of last week's shopping list or chore rota! They're also COMPLETELY WATERPROOF so you can even use a little water to assist with the cleaning. RE-USE AGAIN & AGAIN with no smudging or ghosting.

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