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    Hozelock Auto Reel with 40m Hose

    • Wall-mounted hose reel with self-layering design automatically rewinds the hose without any kinks
    • A 180-degree pivot allows you to reach every area of the garden
    • Can easily be removed from the wall bracket allowing the unit to be stored away during winter
    • There are two side compartments, one is empty, the other contains all accessories
    • Child lock to prevent misuseComplete with all necessary fittings to connect to your tap
    • Complete with all necessary fittings to connect to your tap
    • Product dimension: 54 x 65.5 x 26.2 cm

    Hozelock Compact 2in1 Reel with 25m Hose

    • Can be wall mounted or used as a free standing reel
    • Enclosed casing for added protection from wear and tear.
    • Large winding handle for hassle free manual rewinding.
    • Lightweight design and folding carry handle allows the hose reel to be fully portable.
    • Easy to assemble.Comes with 25m of Hozelock multi-purpose hose, a Threaded Tap Connector, Hose End Connectors and a Nozzle

    Hozelock 60m Assembled Hose Cart with 50m Hose

    • Comes ready assembled allowing you to get straight to work
    • Robust and durable wheeled hose reel
    • Makes it easy to move your hose around the garden
    • One piece winding handle allows for quick and easy rewinding
    • Reel protects your hose and helps to prevent kinks and tangles

    Hozelock Ltd Multi Spray Gun, Colour

    • Five spray patterns for all garden tasks
    • Made from high quality materials for increased durability
    • Quick connect male connector allows a simple connection to your Hozelock System
    • Flow control that adjusts the level of water sprayed

    Hozelock Ltd Aspersor rectangular Plus para 180 m2 Yellow, 180m²

    • Material: Plastic. High performance Sled sprinkler
    • Connection Type: Male. Reaches a maximum area coverage of 180m²
    • Rotating sprinkler that can water a full or part rectangle.
    • Ultra even coverage due to water powered motor and 15 jets.
    • The sled design ensures stability on a lawn or border.

    Hozelock Pico Reel

    • Perfect for patios, balconies & small garden spaces with imited storeage capability.
    • Enclosed design keeps your hosepipe tidy and tangle free
    • Dual Usage - can be carried or left by the tap
    • Sleek winding handle makes rewinding the hose a breeze
    • Complete with a 10m hose & a Multi Spray Gun

    Hozelock 2352 Hose Fitting Starter Set

    • Comes supplied with all the fittings you need to get you started with a 12.5mm & 15mm hose
    • Fittings include: 1x Nozzle; 1x Hose End Connector; 1x Waterstop Connector & 1x Threaded Tap Connector.
    • Easy quick connect system
    • Made from high quality materials.
    • Threaded tap connector fits 95% of all outdoor taps.

    Hozelock Sensor Controller Plus

    • A tap mounted watering controller that automatically waters at sunrise and sunset
    • Waters once or twice per day, either sunrise, sunset or sunrise and sunset
    • Adjustable schedule to water everyday, every 2 days, 3 days, 5 days or 7 days
    • Manual water now button for 10, 30 or 60 minutes for watering at any time
    • Can be used with Garden Sprinklers (up to 10 Bar), low pressure micro irrigation watering (1.5 Bar) or Water Butts (0.1 Bar)
    • Tap mounted watering controller
    • Automatically waters everyday at sunrise and sunset - the best time to water the garden.
    • Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)

    Hozelock Easy Drip Universal Watering Kit for Beds and Borders, Black, 40 x 25 x 15 cm

    • Complete watering kit providing a great solution to watering borders, hedges and vegetable gardens for an area up to 10m²
    • Easy to Install in just 15 minutes, due to 'Push Fit' design
    • Combine with any water controller for Automatic Watering
    • Modular in design so kits can be easily connected together to make a larger system
    • Delivers more controlled watering directly to the roots reducing water wastage through evaporation or inaccurate watering

    Hozelock Multi Spray Pro Gun, Grey/Yellow, 16x10x8 cm

    • Premium gun with durable stainless steel connection
    • Soft ergonomic handle for added comfort
    • Lockable on/off trigger flow for when watering for longer periods of time

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