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    The following products are available from 'Netox':

    Glow Paint

    • 10 glow colours
    • 3 glow sizes and strength
    • 5 glow brushes
    • 5 backgrounds patterns
    • 25 templates
    • undo/redo
    • eraser
    • saving created image as a file, set as wallpaper or share with friends

    Spray Painter

    • Choose from 10 colors of paint and 3 spray sizes
    • Save images, set as wallpaper, or share images with friends
    • Undo or redo your last stroke
    • Paint in one place to create drips
    • Shake your phone to mix your paint color

    Fruit Sorter

    • 3 game modes
    • Combo score system
    • Additional unlockable fruits
    • Smashing bugs
    • Cool graphics, music, and sound effects
    Fruit Sorter

    Big Pig

    • Play an addictive physics-based puzzle game
    • Create sturdy structures out of the objects included
    • Advance through 48 levels in 2 different worlds


    • ten values to achieve
    • beat daily and best records
    • simple and addictive gameplay
    • good sound effects and graphics


    • Help the Scamps by sending them to a neighboring planet
    • Play 5 game fun and challenging modes
    • Enjoy the funny and realistic sound effects and animations
    • Use the elements of physics to play the game
    • See different types of Scamps with a variety of colors and features

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